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Need to delve a bit into werewolves and the Germanic Underworld? Black Dogs? The mythological significance of bridges? Does the power of lonely places hold some meaning for you? How about landmarks for the Saxon kingdom of Mercia influencing town layouts in present day central England? Or my favorite, European folklore of dogs being psychopomps (literally guardians of the corpse way). Bob Trubshaw and Albion Press has kindly put up a web site chronicling back issues of At The Edge and Mercian Mysteries.

In Trubshaw's words, "The aim was to 'walk on the cracks' between archaeology, mythology and folklore and provide accessible insights for all with an interest in the latest and most innovative ideas about past and place. Contributions came from both academics and 'non-professional' researchers."

The website can be found at:

Be forewarned, many of the internal web links to Mercian Mysteries are broken. However there is an excellent on-site search engine which links you to the articles.

The back issue index for At The Edge may be found at:

The site provides a complete downloadable package (packed in one zip file) for off-line reading in your web browser. The articles are rich in detail, thought provoking and packed with bibliographic references. Highly recommended for rainy day reading.



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Oh, way cool. I love stuff like this - it makes for great story fodder. =)

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