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'Heat 9' interview: Alice 'Huskyteer' Dryden

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Isiah had the chance to interview most of the contributors to annual adult anthology Heat 9, published by Sofawolf; some could not be reached. Related interviews: Whyte Yote & Alastair WildfireCamron & VantidAlopexKandrel & ScappoKyell Gold & NimraisTempe O'kun

Isiah Jacobs: Good evening, Ms. Dryden, thank you so much for coming on!

Huskyteer: Thank you for inviting me!

Isiah Jacobs: You submitted a story to Heat 9 this year, and it was illustrated by Cara Mitten. Unfortunately, she couldn't join us.

Huskyteer: I should confess I haven't got my mitts on my copy of Heat yet, so I haven't seen the illustrated version. I hope it gets through Customs. Sometimes stuff from the US arrives in a matter of days, sometimes it...doesn't.

Isiah Jacobs: Your story is called "Bad Timing." Could you please briefly explain what your story is about?

Huskyteer: Well, the protagonist is a college student, a puma, who doesn't have much luck with relationships. One Friday evening her friend drags her to the bar to socialise. Our heroine doesn't want to go, as it's the 'wrong time of the month' and she feels crappy, but lo! she pulls a hot young lion!

It turns out, however, that 'the wrong time of the month' is a specific turn-on to Drew, the lion - which implicates him in an unpleasant crime that occurs a couple of weeks later.

Isiah Jacobs: And this is a very interesting concept that you've introduced to your story. Why did you decide this?

Huskyteer: I was trying to think of specific kinks that might go with being a sentient non-human animal, with all those animal instincts and senses. I also thought there's maybe not enough about how women's bodies actually work within erotica.

Isiah Jacobs: Especially furry erotica, I can imagine!

Huskyteer: Yes!

Isiah Jacobs: I'm straight, and even I was a bit squicked by the detail that went in to Rom's period and the sex.

Huskyteer: I tried not to dwell on it too much - to wallow in it, as it were! - but to give a realistic description. Quite a lot of stuff that happens during sex is squicky, really!

Isiah Jacobs: Point. Now, I can understand your reasoning for using a period, but Rom's character? Why make her a girl that has trouble being with men?

Huskyteer: If she could pull anyone she liked, any time, she'd be less crushed by the thought that Drew was using her.

Isiah Jacobs: Alright, that makes sense! This has also got to be the only time where I experienced so many English euphemisms in one place!

Huskyteer: Ha! I admit, I did start throwing them in deliberately, aware that a lot of the potential audience would be American. But it is one thing my culture does extremely well.

Isiah Jacobs: Like, I was blown away by how English this story was. I felt bombarded by your culture!

Huskyteer: Oh, spiffing! Jolly good show!

Isiah Jacobs: Like phrases like pulled a face, loo, bloke, blimey, sod, things like that.

Huskyteer: Now, I would not have known that 'pulled a face' was specifically British.

Isiah Jacobs: At one point, I started laughing at how many of them were. And to be honest, at how ridiculous they sounded. In America, we say, "made a face."

Ah! I found the exact section where I felt bombarded by British sayings! On the rag. On the blob. Visit from Auntie. Got the painters in. That last one made me laugh so hard, you have no idea.

Huskyteer: Hahaha! There are some ridiculous euphemisms for periods, which was kind of the point - that nobody likes talking about it.

Isiah Jacobs: Well, this has all been so very enlightening, Embassador Dryden! Before I let you go, what do you have planned for the future in regards to your writer?

Huskyteer: Alice Dryden, the UK ambassador for euphemism - I like it! I would love to write a full-length furry novel. I also have more mainstream writing ambitions: I want to write children's books!

Isiah Jacobs: Really? You don't think people will criticize you for writing erotica and children's stories?

Huskyteer: If I'm ever lucky enough to need to worry about that...I'll worry about it then!

Isiah Jacobs: Well, get to writing that novel! Ms. Dryden, thank you so much for coming on to the show! It has been an absolute pleasure! I look forward to having you back in the future!

Huskyteer: It was lovely talking to you - I hope you recover from the squick and the storm of Britishisms.


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