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Animation: Is Kimi too cute? ['The Legend of Sarila']

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Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew announces that the 80-minute Quebec-made 3D-CGI feature The Legend of Sarila/La Légende de Sarila, animated by Modus FX in Montréal, debuted in Quebec last weekend on 32 screens, “grossing a modest $64,622 and landing in 10th place at the Quebec box office.” It is released in both English and French versions.

The movie, directed by Nancy Florence Savard, is about how in 1910 three young hunters of an arctic Iniut (“Eskimo”) clan – Putulik, who can (almost) talk with animals; the beautiful Apik, and their friend Markussi – search for the legendary paradisical land of Sarila for their starving people, despite many obstacles set by the evil shaman Croolik (who gets top billing because he is voiced by Christopher Plummer, the only “name” among the English-speaking voice cast). The hunters are accompanied by Kimi, a non-talking anthropomorphic overly-cute lemming; and Sarila has such magical creatures as the goddess/seal/mermaid Sedna.

The Cartoon Brew’s reader talkback on the trailer is generally critical of the movie’s angular/stylized human character design, in comparison with the rounded/realistic human design of, say, How to Train Your Dragon or The Croods. I dunno. The 2’08” trailer (also available in French) seems to me certainly as good as any major studio’s CGI animation features. The Legend of Sarila is unlikely to come to American theaters for many reasons, but I doubt that it will be turned down by the U.S. cinematic distributors because of its human character design. What do you think?


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Jerry Beck’s Animation Scoop announces that “The Legend of Sarila” will open at the Royal Theatre, 11523 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles 90025 on Friday, November 1 for an Oscar-qualifying run. Oscar-qualifying runs are usually for one week only, so if any Flayrah readers in Southern California want to see this, you know where & when to go. Check out the trailer.

Fred Patten

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Wow! The Cartoon Brew website reports that Phase 4 Films has bought "The Legend of Sarila" and released it to DVD under the title of "Frozen Land", in packaging superficially like Disney's "Frozen", undoubtedly to trick consumers into thinking that this is the Disney movie out on DVD early. Disney has filed a cease & desist order and a lawsuit demanding that all copies be destroyed.

And just after Dronon has warned against buying Phase 4's "Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted", too.

Fred Patten

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