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Twins Create Furry Civil War Model With 4,386 Cat Soldiers

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Ruth and Rebecca Brown have 4,386 cats.

The identical twins from the Maple Glen section of Upper Dublin Township have fashioned thousands of tiny, detailed cats from clay.

They're not just ordinary kitties, either. They are cats in Confederate clothing. Union garb too, for that matter.

As Civil War buffs, the twins bring history to life by creating sweeping battle scenes and dioramas of dramatic moments, as interpreted with clay cats.

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It is a pity that the photographer for this article couldn't take more detailed shots. It is really hard to tell WHAT the soldiers are, aside from having legs and arms. I am curious about a number of things, such as "do the figurines have tails? Ears? What marks them as a cat as opposed to a human?"

Perhaps I will make it to Dublin some time and be able to see this. I am not a huge buff of wars in general but this is an interesting interpretation.

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