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Furry Drama Show calls for videos and acts for new season

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The Furry Drama Show (FDS) completed its first season 2012-13, visiting six conventions: Wild Nights, RCFM, Oklacon, Fangcon, F3 and Furry Fiesta. As we start our new season, we continue to look for new performers to join us at these cons. If you cannot, we are also accepting videos of skits and music videos.

A little bit of info about our show: We got our start at RCFM and later Oklacon as these cons did not have their own variety shows. Later we started shows at Wild Nights and Furry Fiesta. We became such a long show at one point we had to make a name for ourselves to distinguish who we are and where we were performing. Our name came from a bit of drama; thus, the Furry Drama Show was born.

Our stage has had the musical performers of Bucktown Tiger, Vivaldi the Arctic Fox, Husky in Denial, Kobi Lacroix, Arutheus, and the comical antics of Rhubarb The Bear. We have shared videos from Cereberus, the Sinners and Saints Pack, Jerms Productions and more.

We have a large talent pool and we are always looking to increase it. We are looking for writers, singers, musicians, parody songs, music videos, stage acts, performers and anyone or anything else able to entertain at our venues. We also need assistance back-stage, with our stage technicians (workers), wranglers and others to be included.

If any of this interests you, you can contact or watch us on FA. If you are already there, please feel free to share our icon on your own page with this: :iconFurryDramaShow:. We thank you, and look forward to seeing you soon - on stage, or in the audience.


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