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Announcement: 'Kairos' is coming

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When I announced that Lex Nakashima and I were going to bring you news of new French anthropomorphic bandes desinées, I wasn’t expecting to mix that with animation. But Kairos has its own animated trailer, by Studio La Cachette in Paris:

So the main character is human! There are still lots of anthropomorphic characters in the world that he goes to. Lex & I will have a review of tome 1 of Kairos, published April 25 by Ankama, as soon as we can. [Until then, check out this preview.]

All love stories end badly … generally. Kairos

For Nills, this weekend will be decisive! He thinks that a face-to-face meeting at the family home of his girl friend, Anaëlle, will quickly settle the true nature of their relationship. But a heavy weight lies on the shoulders of this strong and independent young girl. She has a deeply buried secret, and she fears the consequences if Nills should discover it. Her destiny opens a roaring breach during the night to her gnawing past and its revelations, and strange creatures come to carry her off to their world. When Nills decides to dive into this other world to save his beloved, he does not yet know that this act will change his life. This fraction of a second, this decisive instant when his choice will switch a peaceful life into an extraordinary adventure, is his KAIROS! (publisher’s blurb, my translation)


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Not sure I'd go to all that trouble for Anaëlle – looks like she can take care of herself. The empress(?) looks cute, though! Being able to shoot bolts of magic from her palms is also a plus.

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