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Conifur Northwest Artshow Wrapup

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Conifur is over, and so is the artshow. Now I can return to my peaceful existance of eating Zagnut bars from the comfort of my futon. All mail-in art has been shipped, checks have been cut, and everything's wrapped up for next year.

Final Statistics for the 2001 Conifur Artshow are now available, and here they are!

Total Participating Artists: 42 (No, really. I swear.)

Total Participating Bidders: 128

Total number of Items in the show: 410

Number of Items that went to auction: 44

Total Pre-tax sales: $11,904


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Wow, congratulations guys. Thats 7 days by my calculation since the end of the convention. Good job this year!

Do you have breakdown of sales by rating category this year?

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