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Interview with Author of "The Fox Woman"

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SFSite has an interview this issue with the author of The Fox Woman, a fantasy novel about a kitsune. I haven't read this one, but I've read some of Johnson's other work and found it intriguing. The interview's neat... anyone read the book yet? This is the site's review of it.


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I don't know if commenting on this post would be considered necromancing in the worst way. If so, please forgive me this 1 time, but let me know, so I won't do it again.

I think I found this b/c it's one of the few posts w/ the "kitsune" tag.

Thanks for the link to the Johnson interview.

By now, you might have read the book, already. If not, I'd recommend it. I finally read it, the kindle edition, about a year ago. It was, for me, a compelling read; I was consumed, couldn't stop until I had finished it, after a couple nights. Yet, it kept me coming back, over the weeks and months to come, re-reading parts here and there. A lot of food for thought. If my computer hadn't died on me I'd still be going back to it. Oh well. I'll probably buy it again, one of these days. I don't really keep a list, but it was definitely one of the best books I've ever read.

As for a more useful opinion, w/ actual substance and style, I'll just point to the "most helpful" reviews on Amazon; they, together w/ the Trent Walters SFSite review, all make good points about the book.

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