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Further Confusion writing workshops

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Further Confusion 2002 will offer two writing workshops.

The limit is six authors.

Each author who wishes to have a story criticized needs to submit it to Further Confusion not later than December 1, 2001. Those authors selected will receive notice via email of their selection. They will also receive a copy of the manuscripts from the other authors in their group.

Each selected author is to criticize the works of the other two authors in their group IN WRITING. The written critiques will be given to the author whose story is being criticized at the end of the workshop. Pay attention to the elements of good writing: plot, character, setting, etc. Mark mechanical errors on the manuscript, but unless they cause a major problem reading the story, don't make an issue of them. Three authors will meet with one another and at least one editor and/or professionally sold writer. The authors will criticize one another, then the editors will comment on the stories.

Remember: CRITICIZE THE STORY NOT THE AUTHOR. The intent of these workshops is to help you and your fellow authors to improve your writing.

Send email manuscripts to:

The format should be either text in the body of the email or any of the common Microsoft formats as an attachment, RTF preferred

Send hard-copy to:

Gerald Perkins
PO Box 32969

San Jose CA 95152

The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE is December 1, 2001. Any manuscripts received in any form after that date will be discarded. Sorry, but Mr. Perkins and the editors have lives.

Further Confusion


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