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Owls just aren't for Christmas, say animal advocates

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Raptor groups are worried that foolish parents might give children clamouring for a pet owl, like the one shown in the Harry Potter movie, a real owl.
Many raptor shelter and rescue groups have already started recieving calls from people looking for rare snowy owls, like Hedwig, the owl shown in the movie, and they fear an massive increase of unwanted owls in the wake of the film.

Unlike what the movie shows, owls in general are antisocial and hard to tame, need large spaces to fly, and have to be feed full mice and chicks to maintain health. Owl advocates are recommending parents adopt owls at zoos, or give their children stuffed owls instead.


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An article complementing this one, as well as information about how the popularity of the snowy owl in the wake of this movie might lend an advantage to arctic conservationists, can be found here!

I should like to note this whole thing has got me worried, as I loved owls myself as a child. Hearing you can buy one for $200-$400 in the Uk worries me greatly

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I have to agree with you, Melskunk. The best place for snowy owls is THEIR enviroment. If those who are really into the Harry Potter craze wants a snowy owl so badly, they should get the snowy owl PLUSHIE. On top of that, the snowy owl is probably on the endangered species list, making it illegal to sell on the open market. Noone should let snowy owls go the way of the passenger pigeon because of either pollution nor a craze that will come and go with the passing of time.

The wallaroo turns and bounds away into the darkness.

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