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Interview: Polish con-runner and forum admin Lemurr

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Pablo Lemurr, by Maciej 'Agent'WeFurries interviews furry convention-runner and administrator Pablo Lemurr. Transcription: Solovari.

Nickson: Soo, Lemurr, hi!

Lemurr: Hi-hi, hello.

Nickson: OK, so, who wants to start?

Pillgrim: Lemurr, please, introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us what you do in normal life. When did you become a furry, how did you get to know about this sub-culture and so on?

Lemurr: I am a professional web designer and a programmer. I've been furry for, like, five years. I came upon the fandom from browsing some YouTube channels; then I saw the keyword, googled it and came up with some Polish forums. Nothing really special, I guess.

Nickson: Can you tell us more about your fursona?

Lemurr: I don't think it will be a surprise. My fursona is an anthro lemur. Nothing special or fancy like colored fur, just a plain lemur.

Nickson: It's interesting that you are a lemur because sometimes people choose different species.

Hi-jera: What's more interesting is that he pronounces it like l'amour.

Lemurr: I am sorry about the pronunciation, I just pronounce it this way - lee-murr. What's pretty annoying is that everyone thinks I chose this fursona because of Madagascar, but it's not so. I just like the stripy tail and stuff.

Pillgrim: It's quite unusual to see someone who has chosen an exotic animal for their fursona.

Lemurr: Yes. In Poland there are just two lemurs: one is me and the other one is not really an active member of the fandom. But he's a pretty cool guy.

Pillgrim: I am not even sure there are lemurs in the Russian fandom. At least not that I know of.

Nickson: I don't think there are any lemurs in Russia.

Lemurr: My theory is that lemurs get eaten by bigger animals and, you know, that's why they are pretty rare now.

Nickson: *snickers* Okay, we got it. To be honest, that's too.. too sad.

Hi-jera: What kind of activity do you pursue in the furry fandom?

Lemurr: Well, I am an administrator of one of the biggest portals and the organizer of an international furry convention here in Poland. I don't think there's anything more to it besides moderation of some groups at deviantART.

Nickson: Sounds really interesting.

Lemurr: Trust me, it's not.

Nickson: Is it because it's annoying?

Lemurr: You know, not really. There are people who cannot take care of themselves and then they go, like, "Lemurr, Lemurr, I cannot do something, please do it for me." As if I am a 24-hour helping guy who has nothing to do than take care of people.

Pillgrim: How can you describe the Polish fandom?

Lemurr: You know, a lot has changed over the past few years. A few years ago the fandom split into two. A long time ago it was just a single group. Everyone was friends with each other at that time. Then a few guys got into an argument with each other and a second forum was created. The two groups were torn apart because it was like, you can be either on this side or the other one.

Now it's blending. I mean, only the oldest members of the fandom are fighting with each other. It's not fighting but rather arguing. The new members don't really know why the fandom used to be divided and they don't really care about that. The fandom is still divided, but now it's more like the old furies versus the young ones.

Hi-jera: By the way, how old is the furry fandom in Poland?

Lemurr: I do not have the exact dates but it looks like it's been around starting from 2001, maybe earlier. It's not as old as in other countries, I think.

Nickson: So, the Polish community has veterans and newbies. Here, in Russia, we don't have any arguments between the old ones and the new ones. We just have discussions between the Lion King fans and the Balto fans.

Pablo Lemurr with a cheeseburgerLemurr: You know, all I can say is that in every country in Europe there's one big group and a small one, and they dislike each other. So in Poland it's nothing special.

Hi-jera: Yes, it looks to me that you are one big family.

Lemurr: Yes, but you know, there are still a few guys who don't like each other. They start smaller or bigger dramas— and it starts getting boring.

Nickson: So they aren't close relatives, so to speak?

Lemurr: No, we are rather good friends. We meet each other in person and we are kind to each other. Those who argue are "Internet guys" who do not get out into real life.

Pillgrim: Lemurr, there's a rumor out there that Futerkon and Gdakon don't like each other too much. Is it true?

Lemurr: I don't really think so. There is, you know, a healthy competition between those who want to be better. Some of the organizers of Futerkon are a little bit jealous because we get furries from so many countries while they get only Polish furries.

Also we get way, way more fursuiters than Futerkon does. Futerkon is rather new. From the beginning there were rumors that they did not like fursuiters and that they were closed groups organized by the biggest forums. Then the organizers decided to rename the convention. They are trying to make it better, but most people don't really believe that.

Hi-jera: How many conventions do you have in Poland?

Lemurr: Let me count: one, two… Two conventions, really! Local guys want to visit their foreign mates and it's pretty hard to get everyone together at the same time.

Pillgrim: How many staff members does Gdakon have?

Lemurr: There are two main organizers, me and Kudlaty, with special guest organizations by Konu and LeTigre and about 5-6 organizers who put together the timetable and the schedule for all the events.

Pillgrim: How do you promote the Polish convention? Do you invite any special guests?

Lemurr: I don't think so, because at every Gdakon there are so many participants that I can hardly handle them. I think that such conventions should be there for fun and I don't want to invite special guests or stars like they do it at other conventions. The most important thing for me is fun, and if something goes against fun, I just don't do it.

Pillgrim: That's nice to hear.

Lemurr: So I don't want to make Gdakon really big. When a convention is large, people want to show off for the crowd and we don't really like it. And some furries from other countries come to Gdakon to have a peaceful time after bigger conventions.

Pablo Lemurr, by JiraHi-jera: Your ideas for the convention are really catchy. Some of them were borrowed for WUFF.

Lemurr: You mean the bus and the lottery? That was nice. I mean the bus. I talked with Kudlaty and we thought that a fursuit walk through the town was a weak idea, so we got a bus and it was not really expensive. As for the lottery, we had to try hard to fit it into the timetable, but it was popular alongside with the auction. Which I did not find entertaining because it was all about who had more money. So I stimulated the people by giving lottery tickets to those who participated in events. At the end of the convention those who had tickets got some pretty things.

Pillgrim: Lemurr, my next question will be about fursuiters. A listener asks how "ordinary" people in Poland react when they see fursuiters in the streets? Do they take it easy? Do they walk up and ask questions?

Lemurr: During fursuit walks, people in the street looked really happy. They would come up and take photos. Little children pulled at their tails. The fursuiters got so much attention that it was exhausting and even annoying for some of them because there was no time to rest. Also, some of the local newspapers took interest and I had to give interviews explaining what the convention is about.

Nickson: How safe is it for a fursuiter to walk around in the street?

Lemurr: At Gdakon we had an escort. It was partly because there could be some guys who did not like the show, but mostly it was because fursuiters were walking all around the street and it was hard to get them moving in an organized manner. Some of them wanted to see the parts of the Old Town, but since they moved so slowly we actually had to get someone who would be (laughs) pushing them forward.

Hi-jera: So, can you say that in Poland it's safe to walk in a fursuit in the street without escort?

Lemurr: Yeah, yeah. People usually are friendly. And last time we needed an escort mostly to bring water to the fursuiters. And I wonder why you ask? Do you need such escorts in Russia?

Nickson: Yeah, seems we do because there are some mean guys out there that we can bump into. You know, those who like to provoke others and point fingers at something they do not understand--just for fun.

Lemurr: Oh, things like that happen here as well, though mostly in the "shady" parts of town. But generally it's safe to walk around town. People are friendly. There might be some drunks but they are usually harmless. If you meet one, you just walk a few steps off and it's all fine.

Nickson: Lemur, there is that word that you use to name the local furry fandom. What is it?

Lemurr: Oh yes - futrzaki. And we use furry just as much. These two words are the most common.

Pillgrim: Imagine it's a nice day and the weather is fine. How hard would it be to gather a group of furries for a walk outside?

Lemurr: Not so hard. You just fire up the forum and post a thread and there you go. But many furries are scattered around the country and there's always the problem of distance.

Pillgrim: Okay.

Lemurr: For example, in Wroclaw we have weekly meetings at one furry's place. We gather around there to eat, talk and play card games. If the weather is nice we go outside for a walk. In Warsaw, besides weekly meetings there are also more frequent meet-ups in bars where furries hang out together.

Pillgrim: Do you know about the research a U.S. university does two times a year? You know, like, how long have you been a furry, how many males and females are there in the fandom and so on?

Lemurr: Yes, I have heard of it. And one of the Polish furries has done one for his university thesis. I don't know how good his survey was. He was focused more on the history of the furry fandom. But anyway it is nice to know that someone is interested in doing such things.

Pillgrim: I second that. Well, the next question comes from a listener: do you have any other big projects besides furry conventions in Poland? Like radio stations, or social networks, or maybe role-playing games?

Lemurr: Yes, we got League of Legends groups, World of Warcraft groups, Minecraft groups. Polish furries even have dedicated servers for such games. Next, we got some art groups at deviantART, Fur Affinity and such, including WikiFur. To be honest, there are so many of them that I cannot remember all of them.

Pillgrim: Any podcasts? Radios? News web sites?

Lemurr: No, we don't do podcasts. We just hang out in Skype or Google Hangouts from time to time. We also have two forums. At the moment we are working on a web site for Polish furries. It's going to be more of a social web site where furries can meet each other. We also have a web site that lists all the event that are currently taking place, or which will be taking place in the future.

Hi-jera: Did you ever try to count Polish furries?

Lemurr: It's hard to count them because some of them are active on the Internet, and there are furries who would rather meet with each other in real life. But I can give the numbers: 250 furries and 15 fursuiters. I am not sure of the data because the numbers include furries that may be not part of the fandom any longer.

(after a long pause)

You know, I forgot to mention that one of the fursuiters, Bakus, has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos from various conventions, as well as material people send him. He doesn't have a big audience. And I apologize, I forgot to speak of him earlier.

Hi-jera: Looks a lot like what we do at WeFurries.

Lemurr: Once there were some guys who were trying to get furries together. They got the staff and the audience but when they were about to start it turned out that nobody was in any longer, and now nobody really mentions this project. I don't know if it happened because their ambitions were low, or because they were poorly organized.

Nickson: Sounds like you need a wake-up call.

Lemurr: Exactly. And not only a wake-up call but also an organizer who would keep an eye on those who want to back off. Because often people want to do something from the start and then they change their mind, and there's got to be someone who makes them do something, even if they don't want to! *laughs*

Nickson: Do you think you would want to visit Russia one day?

Lemurr: Oh yes, but the problem is, I am a pretty busy lemur and I have to find time for it.

Pillgrim: This year at the Russian furry convention there were many foreign furries from France, England and Germany.

Lemurr: You know, the main problem with Polish furry conventions is what most furries are either working or studying. German conventions are organized at the time when students have to attend schools and there is no way for them to skip it. I think it's the same with other conventions. And it's not only about the time. Many furries are students, so they are on a low budget.

Pillgrim: I can understand that.

Pablo Lemurr, by RitkaLemurr: Polish conventions are 4-10 times cheaper than foreign ones. I mean, it's amazing how people can organize it for free, in the sense that they get no money for it in return. (after a pause) I plan to visit some foreign conventions just because of my curiosity. I'd like to see what furries in other countries are like because I don't really have contact with most of them, even on the Internet. Maybe just a bit. And I would like to have more of this "just a bit".

Besides, I am a guy who prefers meeting in person. Meeting someone on the Internet feels like you don't really know who is there on the other side. I would rather hang out in a bar and talk face to face than to be typing away on the keyboard, because typing on the keyboard is my work.

Nickson: So Lemurr, the final question.

Hi-jera: Yes, what would you like to ask our listeners who are now listening to you?

Lemurr: Oh my god, this is the hardest question. I have no idea! I am so sorry! Wait--I have one: come to Poland to see for yourself how it's like here, and whether I've been lying or not! *laughs* - Just kidding. You are all welcome here. And have a nice evening, I guess. I am not really good with such wishes.

Pillgrim: Thank you for coming, Lemurr. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Lemurr: Thank you for inviting me.


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Great article... love hearing about futrzaki across the world :3

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Thanks^^ We'll try to interview more interesting furries :D. That was podcast, but we're still not posted it %)

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Futerkon is just a continuation of Futrzakon (name was just a matter of someone's private little shitstorm) and Futrzakon is older than Gdakon. Besides, most of Polish furries are not really interested in fursuits, and just because "older" part of fandom is not the best friend of newer, "fursuit-friendly" part, sometimes we mock them, but it's not really serious business. At Gdakon, we all meet together, olds and newbies, and there are no fusses or grudges. And Futerkon, mostly old part of furry meets, with some unidentified faggy individuals altogether.

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Well, thata's your opinion :3

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As a former organizer of the first two editions of Futerkon/Futrzakon convention i would like to straighten up a few matters that are very far from truth.

"Now it's blending. I mean, only the oldest members of the fandom are fighting with each other. It's not fighting but rather arguing."

Only one side of the old fandom members is holding the grudge. The other one just went over that. Unfortunately the only people that mention those 'fights' are people like Kud?aty who have personal animosities towards the other group.

"I don't really think so. There is, you know, a healthy competition between those who want to be better. Some of the organizers of Futerkon are a little bit jealous because we get furries from so many countries while they get only Polish furries."

This paragraph is unfortunately very far from truth. I would even call it a lie. A very large majority of the ATTENDEES has responded in a survey after the 4th and 5th edition of Futerkon/Futrzakon that they would like that the convention keeps it local, Polish character. The organizers are not jealous, they quite on purpose leave the character of the convention as i is. the program is fully in polish for that matter. Nevertheless there are some foreign furries attending but not a a rule of thumb.

"Also we get way, way more fursuiters than Futerkon does. Futerkon is rather new. From the beginning there were rumors that they did not like fursuiters and that they were closed groups organized by the biggest forums. Then the organizers decided to rename the convention. They are trying to make it better, but most people don't really believe that."

First of all it's true that Futerkon/Futrzakon doesn't take much effort in inviting fursuiters personally, but that does NOT mean in any way that they dislike them. Ther change of name was done only because some problems with the disputed ownership of the oryginal name (which was chosen on a closed organizers forum from some other proposals) - the new organisers wanted to make things straight and they changed the name so it would be a matter anymore.

The part about 'disliking' fursuits is a very very old rumor, that was invented by Kud?aty. Back then when we both were organising Futrzakon/Futerkon Kud?aty accused the convention of not beeing 'furry enough' because there were not many fursuiters for which i responded that 'not only fursuits make furry conventions furry' After beeing removed from the organization Kud?aty has been lying about me saying that 'i hate fursuits'.

I'm really disappointed about the quality of Lemurs responses. He is a person, who should hold himself from saying such ridiculous things, and whats more he shouldn't lie about matters that are very easy to check.

Your rating: None Average: 3.9 (9 votes)

I read the article and in general it is good that you are interviewing people, but there is some serious statements made by one person about another organized event that are, to be delicate, simply not true. And I am speaking not as a random member of the fandom, but as a one of organizers of this convention, who is responsible for program for the third year in a row.

People that are arguing with each other are the ones that have some personal conflicts. Not all oldest members. This is simply not true.

No one is jealous about other having conventions organized differently. It is pure con organizers decision to focus mostly on polish fandom members. And still we have more attendees. I consider this as a great success, not something that we need to be jealous about.

It is fursuiters who decide if they like to attend the convention or not. Futerkon is friendly to all fandom members, and we invite all fursuiters to the con. Also the programme will include some attractions for fursuites, and above everything that was mentioned - we will have fursuiters during this year edition.

Futerkon is a convention that exists for a long time, that is organized by people not by any forum. The name is changing, the convention ground rules are changing, the overall concept is changing somehow, but this is still the same convention. This year edition is going to by 6th. We are as old as Confuzzled, and this is another reason to be proud.

And once again - as we are accused of organizing convention with no fursuiters, just because we dont like them, I would kindly ask to correct that statement as this is the lie. Very terrible lie...

Thank you, I am really sad that this kind of interview is finding its place somewhere over the Internet.

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We're sorry that article affected con's theme, but it's interviewing person's opinion. We don't invoke to think that's it's undeniable truth and don't have a target to offend you.
The point is our radio guest present Gdakon administration, and he said that you don't have any claims to them. Also he didn't outrage you and your wonderful confurrence!
Let's be more friendly, please! Everybody! Hallelujah!

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I do appreciate apologizes from you. I would appreciate even more if the person responsible for those statements would do the right thing and would publicly, when the interview was published (at least in comments) say that some of the statements were just not true.

For me this is sad mostly because of how the team responsible for our convention feels in such moments. We are offended, not everyday, but from time to time. By our own fandom somehow. And people who are hurting those few who gives free time, put a lot of effort and sometimes even private funds, don't even find out how it is not fair to do such thing. And just to make it worse, after all of this, often same people are telling all around (also like here, to foreigners how are building their view and understanding for polish fandom) that they are victims, and the rest are aggressive.

I only hope that someone will take the lesson from this.

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I confess: out the air Lemurr said that he spoke ironically, even he jokes in a wrong way about Futerkon.
We know that both of this cons mean a lot to Polish and foreign furries, so we didn't try to distinguish only one con. We just invited administrated person from one of two cons and listened his opinion. And we're ready to listen another opinion from another con's administration with a big pleasure!
We're sorry again.
BTW, try to talk with Lemurr privatly, I guess, both of you are vics of misunderstanding :3

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Quite a lot o people are talking at the moment about this, in fact it is more like a storm than just polite discussion. This interview damaged polish fandom, again. In case of interviewing other people from other groups, cons - I was never asked for this, so now it is a bit late. I received information, that some of people responsible for Futerkon were asked to share some info and take part in the interview, but this is their own decision if they would like or would not like to participate. And it has nothing to do with being offensive here. Last year we did posted a story on FNN about our convention. Not even a single statement or word about Gdakon was placed there because that was not the point of the article. Now, after all of this, I am not really sure what was the intention of Pablo, but I am afraid that either this is an exmaple of stupidity or it was done on purpose...

And with all do respect, it is no misunderstanding here. We were actually offended, stereotypes about our con, with which we were (are) fighting so badly, were repeated once again, our hard work is being attacked and a group of people who apparently has some interest in it or just like to have fun seeing people arguing with each other are laughing somewhere in the background of this.

I don't blame you, you didn't saw it coming. I am not interested in interview itself and we don't want to use Futerkon as a mean in some sick war with people who are now sitting happily and observing what is going on. If you wish to find me and talk about it - you know how to find me. Personally I do believe that people are good and they can sometimes admit, that they did something wrong. But here, I am probably naive, as this get worst than at the very beginning.

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Looking at the questions, I can see why he mentioned Futerkon, and the Polish fandom in general - he was asked! :-)

It sounds like he gave his honest opinion. I can see where this might cause dissent, especially if you feel that your beliefs and actions have been misunderstood or misrepresented . . . but the health of a fandom is not measured by how many of its members agree with one another, or how little contentious topics are discussed. Indeed, the reverse often seems to be true. (There's a reason that one history of 'golden age' science fiction fandom was dubbed The Immortal Storm.)

I think you guys need to get together somewhere like the Polish WikiFur and hammer out a history of Polish furry fandom that you can all agree with. Then at least you have somewhere to point people to when they look for information about the fandom. It may not be easy, but I assure the English-speaking fans have faced similar issues.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (2 votes)

Again, I need to interrupt this. There is an english wikifur article explaining what is Futerkon, why there were changes, who is invited. We already put a lot, A LOT of effort to make things visible and comprehensive to new fandom joiners. Plus we know how it was scored by attendees. I wrote majority of this article, and it is not my fault that someone didn't put a little effort to read before he started to state opinions. I just see that you guys are not really see how important it is for us.

If you wish to have honest, correct information about Futerkon, do not ask for it people who are telling such lies. And do not tell me please that this can be somehow sorted, just. Some people should not give interview, write article, as they are not objective, and could do more damages to the fandom, and this is exactly what happened. A good person would apology, asked to correct some things, or remove from the texts, or would give clarification, but apparently here that person feels 100% alright with the lies that were told.

Please read this article:

which was created one year ago, wrote by me, and tell me if there is anything offensive there, especially toward any other conventions, groups and such. Apparently, it is possible to wrote honest and non-aggressive text. In such moments, and that is sad, I only hope that few people will reach this place, this interview, and will read some false statements about people, my friends, hard work. No offense, but this is exactly how I feel about this interview.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (2 votes)

And this is especially related to foreigners and how they are seeing this. We are coping somehow with our internal problems, trying to neutralize feuds, but we never said that Futerkon won't ever become international. And what then - would I have to explain hundreds of times to people from abroad that we are not intolerant, and that we do like fursuiters? Just because someone was telling lies about us?

I already heard that this is the common opinion (created by such unfriendly people) in Ukraine, Czech, and that some specific furries from abroad that I already spoke with are not thinking about our work positively, because of those lies, rumors.

This is what I mean. Please think about it...

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

I must admit, I'd not read that article - FNN has been largely reposting news over the last year and a half, so I don't watch their output closely. Thanks for posting the link. I have added it as a reference on the main Futerkon article on the English WikiFur, so it is not missed by people who don't read the separate article about Futerkon 2012.

A promotional piece about a convention is different to a live interview in which a person is asked to give his own opinion on what is seen as tension between two events, as part of a general overview of Polish furry fandom. It would have been possible to reply "oh, I don't want to talk about that", but that would imply that you did not like each other. Instead he said what he believed, "off the cuff" - that there was some competition; that he suspected some staff were jealous over the proportion of international visitors; that they got more fursuiters, due in part to rumours about Futerkon not liking them (note: he didn't say the rumours were true); that you were trying to make things better, but faced trouble convincing others. Even if some of these assertions are untrue, calling them "lies" does no good if the person believed what they're saying, since a lie requires intent to deceive. (From a historian's perspective - and perhaps from your own - these beliefs are very important, because they explain how people act.)

There is a reason I said "Polish furry fandom" and not "Futerkon". It helps to have articles concentrating on each convention; but the one I had in mind would involve all groups getting together and writing a history which explained the origins of the local fandom, and the interactions of conventions and online groups; acknowledging the beliefs and the real differences which have influenced events, such as those you have outlined. This is hard work, though, and maybe it is too soon. The ConFurence vs. Further Confusion situation took almost a decade to settle down, and even then, a lot of the summaries were written by third parties - referencing posts and comment threads such as these for the opinions of those involved at the time.

One positive and easy way to give the impression that Futerkon is welcoming to fursuiters would be to feature photographs of them and mention any events involving them on its website. I don't see any mention of fursuiters there today, nor do I see them on the WikiFur articles. It is incorrect to assume from this that fursuiters are unwelcome, but some will do that (it has happened to other conventions) - and perhaps it is correct to assume you have no events tailored to them, especially if there are few local fursuiters. I cannot tell what Gdakon has, because they have taken down their website - a pet peeve of mine - but a count of fursuiters is mentioned on their WikiFur article. (Eurofurence has a whole page for fursuit-specific information.)

As for foreigners, they will also look to your website, if there is anything there they can read; if not, they may look elsewhere. Google does a good job finding material, but it might be a good idea to point to it yourself, while explaining that Futerkon is aimed towards Polish-speaking fans (assuming that is the case).

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It it is no difference my friend, I used to be spokesman of bigger festival in my country and I was going prepared for interview, not talking about what our competitors are thinking or doing, but telling only about our event. And as per title of this interview, you didn't asked for opinion just another furry, but a person who is really into organization, didn't you?

Rumors are being repeated by same people since years, it this will be one time case only I would no be reacting to this, it happens. But it was already done on purpose dozen of time.

And when it will come to publishing our convention program this year I wouldn't be surprised that some popole will say that it is a reaction to this interview, when we were including some attraction for fursuiters already months ago.

So, I see no point discussing this. Again - no apologize for Futerkon, again we heard what we think, what is our convention, how intolerant we are towards fursuiters, that changes that are made are not welcomed by our attendees (our surveys after each editions shows something different). Maybe we should go somewhere else and do exactly the same - give an interview where we will speak loudly what we think about such interviews made by Gdakon con-runner. But someone has to be wise here, and that is why this will not happen.

To sum up - all I ask is to respect 5 poeple hard work, which was attacked not once in the past. And if there are damaging opinions stated publicly to the convention I will not stay passive saying "it happens".

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Yes, we had to take the website down due to a polish law about storing personal information. But we do have an active Furaffinity account: - I will link it to the Gdakon's website sooner or later

It's sad that the first thing was done was not contacting me privately - I would surely change some things. Besides, I didn't tell that "what people say" is true - just that those are only rumors.

Besides, I still don't know what's going on with the name, even if I asked you several times on the forum. Futerkon is the whole new con, that is organised for two years (as it's written everywhere - on wiki etc. It would be an overuse of meaning the word new, but oh well), right? Or is it just the same, old Futrzakon with the same organisation but just with changed name?

You can't be the whole new convention that is 6-7 years old - you have to admit that it sounds ridiculous. It is true that the organisators have few years of experience doing it. When I finally got the clear answer, I'd be glad to make appropriate correction there if I'm wrong.

And I'm really sorry for the readers that they have to witness that "discussion".

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Not right, name changed, organizers changed since very beginning, formula and place didn't changed. Maybe the only thing that has truly changed that we said loudly that this is not a convention organized by any group, forum, but by just 5 people. It is stated on Wikifur, which you didn't read apparently (and my effort was pointles years ago). So you are wrong. Same convention, but organized independently since 2012. Besides, as already mentioned - actual con chair was involved in 2 edition, and this is something that you should know.

I have already spoken with people from flayrah, and we will correct what you said as what was said is simply nonsense. Sad is that you are still believing that nothing happen. But as I said, from now on I have clear with. Gdakon organizers are offensive towards us, I have no idea why as we didn't done anything to you. But this is fandom, there are people, like you apparently, who like somehow to damage others. And as I said already as well, a good person would not try to cover his mistakes, but would say "sorry, I said to much, maybe I was putting too much assumptions or not verified statements into it - this is not entirely true", but I don't think you are capable for this.

Once I will have my chance to say what Futerkon is, then you will know. But for now we have to see false picture here thanks to you.

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And what is making me upset is that when we changed the name, some essentials - some of guys, also linked to you convention Pablo was laughing at us, that his is not any change and we are just covering Futrzakon using new name Futerkon. After two years, suddenly all those guys made up their minds and now you are using this as your primary line of defense. This is frivolous, because no matter what we will bo apparently, people will always find a way how to do some black marketing, spread rumours and so on.

I only hope that those who are wise are seeing now what is happening, are drawing conclusions and will be more nice to us than you are guys. And that people from flayrah will also get us an opportunity to correct those upseting words told by you...

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My name is cat Kaff
I represent a subculture radio
We are interested esters with English furry

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Where ester == airing an interview with, I believe . . .

If you ask an English-speaking fur, they will probably agree! They probably will not be able to speak Russian, though.

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Speaking of which, I know you just expanded to Russia's version of facebook GreenReaper. Should we place a disclaimer that though alot of us here have pro-gay opinions that Flayrah itself is not a pro-gay site? I mean, don't want to be getting anyone in trouble over there.

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I think they care more about people who may march on the street than people in ears and tails.

Russia believes it will grow stronger by excluding a minority; but it will be the most talented of that group who find a way to leave. And where will they go? To the West.

The part about burning the hearts of gay people is crazy. Equating them to vampires, to scare children straight?

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"Pro gay" means "pro not taking away human rights". You don't need to appease bigotry by worrying about getting in trouble over a default. Nobody should have given Apartheid South Africa a disclaimer that they're pro-racial equality, either. If there was some reason for a disclaimer, it should say that Flayrah is not a pro-bigotry site.

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Furries come in many nationalities, but drama is universal :P

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Oh, shit, we opened Pandora's box scale Poland.

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Somehow you did ;) Spoke with GreenReaper already and with your kindness I might be able to at least to partially close it (wish the person who open did it, but seems its too late).

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