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The Others: How Animals Made Us Human

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An anonymous reader has requested a review of The Others: How Animals Made Us Human by Paul Shepard. The requestor writes, "Shepard's thesis has to do with the role of animals in the human cognitive economy and (as a secondary point) how the replacement of a dependence on an understanding of nature with a dependence on an understanding of man-made structures has crippled certain important sorts of thinking by impoverishing the source material from which they might be building analogies. He brings in a lot of examples from cultural anthropology to illustrate the principles he describes."

If anyone would like to write and submit a review of this book (or any other book, fiction or non-fiction, that is reasonably related to furrydom or sci-fi/fantasy) we would be happy to consider it for posting. [Note to Aureth: Any comment on how we should handle "review requests" in the future?]


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