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FC2002 Masquerade - Call For Entries

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Attention all fursuiters! Do you have a new costume that you're dying to show off to the world? Are you planning on attending Further Confusion this January? Then we've got just the place for you to do it.

Further Confusion 2002 will continue the tradition of previous years and

plans to have a costume Masquerade. All fursuiters and furry costumers

are invited to enter the Masquerade. This event will be made complete

only if you decide to enter. If you've got the perfect costume to show

off, or if you have the perfect performance in mind for your costume, then

this is your chance to show it to all the attendees, and maybe win an


Don't be shy and don't hesitate. There is no minimum skill level

necessary to enter. If you don't have a performance in mind, you're

perfectly free to walk out on stage to model your costume to the audience

without a performance.

Online sign-up sheets will be available on the FC website soon, or you can

sign-up in person at the convention. Sign-up sheets will be available at

the info desk and registration will remain open until the rehearsal prior

to the Masquerade.

If you have any question about the rules, or if you have any special

concerns about your costume or planned presentation, please first check on

the rules and FAQ on the FC website located under Events at Or you can send email to


Chris Bochna (Orzel)

Ass't. Prof. of the Masquerade


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