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REN & STIMPY return - to VH1

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From A VH1 Press Release says:
"Ren & Stimpy,'' the classic, music-filled cartoon about a churlish Chihuahua and his brain-frazzled feline friend -- and their outre adventures with hairballs, George Liquor, rubber nipples and screamin' lederhosen -- have returned to TV every night on VH1 at midnight, all through December through New Year's Eve.

Billy West, the voice of both Ren and Stimpy, will host the series on VH1, gives viewers a peak behind the curtain of the creation of each episode, and discussing how the music played such a pivotal part of the success of the groundbreaking animated series.
In 1991, audiences were rocked when TV's first post-modern cartoon characters made their debut and, according to Martin ``Dr. Toon'' Goodman of Animation World Magazine, ``demolished the previous forty years of commercial animation.''
Created by John Kricfalusi, ``Ren & Stimpy'' is laced with eclectic ear candy ranging across classical bits from Bach and Tchaikovsky, to '50s- style TV themes and needle-drop movie scores, to Raymond Scott works like ``Powerhouse'' and ``Toy Trumpet,'' to numerous original songs composed for the series, including such hummable tunes as ``Log,'' ``The Muddy Mudskipper Show'' theme and, of course, the timeless ``Happy Happy Joy Joy'' song.


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