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Oren the Otter Suspends TCW and T&PJ

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A check of the Ottercomics site this morning shows that both The Changing Workplace and Tommy & PJ are showing pages indicating that they have been "cancelled until further notice". While I don't read T&PJ, I do read TCW daily and the storyline lately has had Oren losing his job and his house, so if this is any indication of what's happening in RL it may be a long time before these strips are revived.


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Oren's plan for the storyline has nothing to do with his current absence from the Internet. The storyline was actually about wrapped up. There's been some.... discussions in the webcomic email lists and I believe that Oren has stepped back to re-evaluate his place in the fandom. Until such time as he is comfortable again, he has temporarily suspended both of his online strips.

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It's a real shame to see the strip gone like that. Was quite a shock to go for my morning fix and just find that note! I certainly hope he comes back and picks it up again sometime soon.

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Wow, that must be some 'discussion', Flinters. Care to expand, in general terms? If he's getting flamed for the religious content in TCW, that's too bad, because even though I am not a Christian (as he is, to all appearances,) I can appreciate wanting to use his strip to express his emotions. I can't see anything that would otherwise possibly offend. While the strip is not a daily thigh-slapper, it does pretty well in the humor department. Thanks for clarifying about the plot-line.

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I'm not at liberty to comment on what was discussed. I really don't know the full discussion as I missed a lot of it and to only give parts of it would be irresponsible. Unfortunately I don't have his email address handy- I always just went to his site and emailed him from there.

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I've dropped him a line asking to talk to him, preferably on the God's Creatures chat room in Yahoo! Groups. I don't know if he's being flamed, or if he can no longer in good conscience be associated with furry fandom in the wake of the Vanity Fair article.

If it's the Vanity Fair thing, then he would do the fandom a disservice to retreat from it. On the contrary, he should be helping us storm the beaches for the good guys.

If, on the other hand, he's getting flamed for Oren's fictional encounter with the Lord Jesus, then that too should be incentive to keep going. If you're representing God properly, then the anti-God people are naturally going to hate you for it.

-- Angel Bear

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I have been out of touch for a while, is the VF article online somewhere? Angel Bear, while I respect your talents, (having seen your artwork on Yerf,) I would suggest that we refrain from making it an 'us' vs. 'them' issue. Furry, IMO, is not a goal to be pursued with vigor, but a way of life that is not exclusive in any way. No one faction in Furry will ever dominate, and it's time everybody faced that. I tried to drop Oren a line last night myself, only to find his mailbox is full. It seems to me that this site might make a good place for him to respond, perhaps if you reach him, you might suggest it?

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Well fooey. I didn't know about either of these, and now that they're cancelled, it looks like I'll never be able to read them. Any possibility of a strip archive?

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Oren's Internet connection has been restored and other business he needed time off for has been resolved. He recently mentioned his strips will be back up and running shortly! Welcome back Oren!

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