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'Zootopia' gains a poster; plus, the director's furry fan art

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Yesterday, Byron Howard, co-director of Disney's upcoming furry movie Zootopia, Tweeted something was coming today. It turns out the "small treat" was the teaser poster for the movie.


Followers of Howard's Twitter account shouldn't be surprised to run into announcements about the movie, but there are other reasons to at least visit once in a while.

Not surprisingly, Howard posts frequent concept art, such as this early piece Howard describes as "noir". Perhaps a bit more surprisingly, you can also find his Zootopia crossover fan art with a couple of cult science fiction TV shows. It makes sense that a man who's first major directing credit is for a movie about the star of a science fiction TV show would enjoy them.

Back in July, he Tweeted a Doctor Who inspired piece.


It features Nick Wilde as David Tennant's 10th Doctor, while Judy Hopps plays Billy Piper's Rose "Bad Wolf" Tyler, friend and "companion" of the Doctor.

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television series, telling the story of the titular "Doctor," a human-looking alien who travels through time and space with various companions. The Doctor has the ability to "regenerate" into a new body if he experiences a fatal mishap (making the title character able to be recast), which had allowed the show to run continuously from 1963 to 1989 before being restarted again in 2005 (with a unsuccessful, but canon, attempt in 1996). Though British, the show had a cult following in America, before becoming a much bigger hit after the restart.

The latest series began just last weekend.

More recently, just this month Howard Tweeted an X-Files themed picture.


This one features Nick as David Duchovny's appropriately named (though the character hates it) FBI Special Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder, while Judy is cast as Gillian Anderson's FBI Special Agent Dana Scully.

Together, these two worked the titular "X-Files," unsolved cases in the FBI's database that involved possible paranormal activity, eventually leading them to uncover a government conspiracy involving aliens and UFOs, though the show also featured "monster of the week" episodes ranging from psychic serial killers to bat monsters. The show was notable for being as much a part of the horror genre as science fiction. In most stories, Mulder automatically believed in the paranormal, while Scully remained skeptical.

The series, like Doctor Who, will have a revival, beginning next year; currently, only a six episode mini-series is scheduled.

Of possible note is that, aside from being popular characters from cult sci-fi TV shows, both pairs of characters were known for there "will they/won't they" romantic chemistry; it is currently unknown if this has any bearing on the character arcs of Judy and Nick.


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Since I do not follow Byron Howard's Twitter posts, please keep reporting them here.

I have been checking periodically to see whether the "Zootopia" merchandising slew's covers have been posted yet. Nothing so far.

Fred Patten

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I have been posting these, and a bit of his concept art, to Newsbytes, including this one of Gazelle, though I apparently skipped this one, which looks like a furry Bond parody to me. Some that I missed include this early, fairly rough one, his most recent, involving other police officers and there's this: Humpz and Spitz, apparently an in-universe buddy cop movie about a llama and a camel that Judy was a fan of.

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Some more art for Fred: Nick from Zootopia was a spy at one point. Which I called.

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Some more art for Fred: Really early art. Mysterious island theme; I think Judy is a guy.

Not really concept or fan art, but awesome: The shirts given to the animators on Zootopia.

Also, Shakira posted a close up of her character's advertisement from the poster.

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And some more; seems to be the Judy counterpart to the original artwork released. Apparently, she's tall for a bunny.

And one of the more bizarre things tweeted by someone working on the movie: Not from Byron Howard, but one of the animators, David Stodolny. It's ... well, I originally thought it was some furry posting their fetish porn. Apparently, it's something about a weight loss challenge among the Zootopia crew. So, probably completely innocent. Probably.

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Two more: Young Nick in a flashback/deleted scene and just a wide view of the city.

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Some scenery: Tundratown, and a deleted scene in Little Rodentia.

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(wonka) "Strike that. Reverse it." (/wonka)
(ie try not to fuck up the links next time, Crossie.)

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Try not to double post next time, anon.

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Apparently there is a cat. Named Clawhauser. That doesn't look like this.

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Keeping up with the concept art parade: Since we've already done Bond, we might as well do the other 50+ year movie franchise from an island nation with barely repressed memories of WWII based around a superheroic character not usually counted as a superhero who spends most of his time fighting (usually, and classically, but not always) nuclear armed villains bent on world domination; Aiee, it's Nickzilla! Oh, and this one's ship-y as heck.

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Probably final art post on this story; it's off the front page, I'll post to the newest Zootopia article for Fred. Anyway, pretty early piece (and is that a gun; not like a "tranquilizer gun" gun, but a real, shooty-bang-ur-dead gun?), attack of the gerbils, tigers and squirrels (this one shows off the differing scales for different critters), Nick is (or was) apparently some sort of celebrity (also, bat) and finally Judy in a call center (and looking adorable).

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I recently started marathon-ing The X-Files, and thought to myself, "Hey, someone really ought to do an X-Files crossover fan art for Zootopia; it's probably a way better fit than Doctor Who, Fight Club (actual fan-art by someone called "jonas") or Jurassic World (actual fan-art by someone called "piti yindee"), and there's that name."

Then I went on Twitter and hit the Zootopia hashtag only to find that a. it had been done, and b. it was the director doing it again!

That's a true story, no embellishment.

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That poster still doesn't thrill me. If anything I'm more worried. XP

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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Great article, misleading title.

Well, I'll be...

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It's furry, it's fan art, what? It's not rocket science, Mister Twister. Also, it's called a headline.

Also, you said you had two articles; are they still timely? AND DO THEY HAVE AWESOMELY ACCURATE HEADLINES?

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Two reviews, not timely, but hopefully SOMEBODY will enjoy them.

Well, I'll be...

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I Maulder and Scully kind of had a thing but I'm not that familliar with Dr. Who. I know the Doctor has had many companions. Mostly women. But they've always been platonic or one sided. Rose Tyler was one of the rare exceptions. Maybe its "intentional" or Rose is just a very popular companion among fans.

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