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Cats or dogs?

Edited as of Mon 18 Apr 2016 - 22:35
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Your rating: None Average: 3 (1 vote)

So, cats or dogs? This can be which do you like better as a pet, as an animal, as your fursona, whatever. Just pick one. Or, I guess, you could abstain. I mean, if you really, really think it's even. But, let's face it, you've got a bias one way of the other. The poll is anonymous; nobody'll know.

Our last poll ended in an honest to goodness tie (or at least is currently; it's still open) with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle taking best CMC, while half of poor Apple Bloom's votes were apparently sympathy votes, if comments are anything to go by.

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I am currently editing an anthology of reprinted cat stories for FurPlanet Productions, but my own favorites are dogs. There are just lots and lots more cat stories than dog stories in s-f & fantasy, which gives me more to choose from. There were s-f "horror stories" about Mad Scientists surgically trading the brains of humans with both cats and dogs during the 1920s & 1930s, although few of them are readable today.

Fred Patten

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