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What (new) animated film of 2016 has the most series potential?

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If Zootopia does well... who knows, maybe Disney will start embracing their furry fanbase a bit more :)

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The set-up for Zootopia is SO much like any number of TV cop shows (comedic and dramatic and in-between) already...

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Now even some critics are saying "There's so much in this rich, multi-leveled world that Disney has created; they should do a TV series to explore it more!"

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In before the drum montage with fast panning zooming shots around the Zootopian streets.

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They did come out with a Kung Fu Panda tv show not too long ago... problem though is you can see the shortcomings of the budget. I'm sure there's enough material to keep a Zootopia show interesting but with Disney Afternoon being long gone, I wonder if they'd consider the cost worth the investment for an animated show like that. I haven't been keeping up with their tv line-up but I get the impression there's far more live action stuff going on than animated.

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Time for a new poll...?

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Oh, totally. Sorry, got behind around the holidays, and never got back in the habit.

Give me 'til Monday, I'll think of something. Hopefully.

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Probably "Who should do the review for Zootopia"

Cassady Civit
ALL OF THE ABOVE (you crazy crazy furries)

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I ... actually love it!

You should submit it.

(Please note; I'm ignoring the fuck out of any result that isn't crossaffliction, okay?)

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Though more seriously, I've already kind of voted "anyone and everyone", but I think the movie has enough stuff going on that different reviews can focus on different aspects. #Zootopiathinkpieces

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I won't see "Zootopia" until my sister takes me there in my wheelchair, and that probably won't be until it's been out for about a week or more.

Fred Patten

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Thanks for mentioning me, though maybe I gotta post a bit more since you totally butchered my name x3

I won't be seeing it until long after it comes out so don't quite hold your breath x3

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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