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Mourning Marjan

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A sad story now coming out of Afganistan, Marjan, the One Eyed Lion, has passed away.
the big news feeds are covering it, with links here:,1597,325720-412,00.shtml


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One suspects that Marjan was determined to survive any adversity that came his way. He lived through the Soviet invasion, years of neglect, and Taliban rule. In his final weeks when at long last he received some of the best care of his life, he decided it was time to declare victory and die on his own terms.

Farewell, Marjan. May your next journey be easier.

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Marjan was more than a symbol, he was a living breathing animal, a lion who lived long and as best he could despite the worst the world could throw at him. We can only hope the last part of his life was happier than most of the time he had.

My husband, Kyle, was very sad when he showed me this news on the BBC, as was I. I hope the human kindess the world tried to show him helped a little in the human cruelty he recieved for most of his time on earth.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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