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Once abused animals now have a safe home.

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45 miles north of Kingman Arizona, along highway 93 between Dolan and Hoover dam A new animal shelter is being built. KEEPERS OF THE WILD, having moved from Las Vegas Nevada is planning on building a new 3.5 acre park-like habitat for it's resident animals.This will include a gift shop and deli to help provide needed funds for this non-profit organisation.

Read on to get more information about this animal shelter. Anyone live nearby, or have a lead on whether they'll have a website?

These animals range from "Baby" a female cougar that was kept illegally in a Los Angeles apartment, to lions, tigers, goats, primates, and wolf-hybrids among many others. These mostly "once-abused" animals are given medical attention, personal contact and proper care by their benefactor, a Jonathan Kraft. In the past 11 years Mr Kraft has been contacted by cities, individuals and even state agencies and zoos, and has taken charge of seeing that the animals are treated well, loved and delivered to safety. His new location will allow tours and a chance to adopt many of the animals for a fee. In return, "parents" will receive an 8x10 photo, a newsletter, mother or fathers day cards and scheduled visitation rights for one year. Mr. Kraft has already purchased two workout arenas for exercising the animals while the habitats are built, partly paid for by famous tiger owners Seigfreid and Roy. for more info, to adopt an animal,or to become a sponsor or a Keepers of the Wild volunteer, call 1-877-456-4004. For copies of the original article, with photos from the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper, email me at
We need more pro-active people like Mr. Kraft, He's an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere.



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