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Quebec Mascots Under Siege

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Créations, a Quebec supplier of professional mascots best known for the Montreal Expos mascot Youppi!, has lodged a complaint against Bell Canada for running a series of advertisements the company believes are responsible for a wave of mascot abuse.

Jean-Claude Tremblay, the company's president, complained in a National Post article:

"Just this weekend I had one [mascot] with six people on him. They tried unzipping his costume ... one of the kids was halfway inside the costume with the person. He fell on his back and then they jumped on him."

from MelSkunk: Mascot abuse is a real threat to anyone who's had to wear these hard to see in, hard to move in costumes.


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At the end of the article, Créations mentioned the possibility of running an ad wherein someone in a mascot costume walks by and kicks the ladder upon which a Bell repairman is working.

I think they should make that ad. Then act towards Bell just as they do. Tit for tat.

Ideally, Bell Canada would see the other side of the story, and both ads would be pulled shortly. However, we live in a non-ideal world (unlike our characters, including the one I'm speaking through right now), so this isn't as likely as we'd like. But in any event, mascots will no longer be portrayed as will-less punching bags, but characters with power to fight back.

Those are real people inside those costumes, and whoever runs the Bell Canada ad needs to learn to respect that.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Amen to that, I shudder to think what could happen if it gets worse.


T'laren (who can't log in because of a filter at his school)

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