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God's Creatures to move to ad-free server

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God's Creatures, the Christian Furry mail group, will be moving to a new advertising-free server effective March 3, 2002. For more information about subscribing to the new God's Creatures, browse to . The move is being made in protest of new policies that moderator G. Raymond Eddy (a.k.a. Angel Bear) finds very disturbing.
"Paul Johnson, (a.k.a. Baloo Ursidae) has been bringing some disturbing new developments to my attention," says Angel Bear, "There have been documented cases of spam arriving into ISP accounts created solely for accessing Yahoo! Groups, which indicates that Y!G is providing addresses to spammers. Yahoo! Groups is clearly violating their own published Priavcy Policy.

"Also, Yahoo! Groups has begun to absorb into itself outside groups, such as two homeowners' groups, without the consent of their moderators or their members. They're doing this for nothing more than delivering readers for their clients' big banner ads.

"I'm big on capitalism, but Yahoo!'s right to make money ends where their users' right to choose begins. They have to be held accountable.

Angel Bear hopes his group's pullout of over 100 readers will have some impact on Yahoo!'s purse.


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Yes, Y!G provides your email addresses to various marketing agents. But there is no other "FREE" nationwide service that provides similar features. Some rumors have suggested that Y!G might go to a pay-per-service system, but so far they are *only* rumors.
[Warning: Editorial cotent]
However, until some members of GC stop their policy of bashing various Christian denonimational beliefs over their own... or stop arguing over a member's discussion points - which are not unlike a splinter... while they themselves have a plank in their eye... or until the discussions of who should be reported to what ISP abuse department halt...or the "real" elders/deacons/owners of GC agree to begin policing their own policies regarding posting... I can't see myself re-joining, or getting excited about it. Bright Blessings - You'll need them.

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