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Digitigrade stilts.

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I've recently put photos and a theory discussion online for my digitigrade stilts project. In case any flayrah readers were curious about this kind of thing, I'm submitting it here.


I'm sure others have done this too. But my design is still elegant };>.


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See also: PowerSkip boots, Bionic Boots, and the SpringWalker exoskeleton.

Also, here is a catalogue of walking machines.

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More information available about the subject of walkings- and jumpingdevices on: (click on english flag)

- Overview

- History

- Available products

- News

- Engeneering details


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If I'm not mistaken, there were performers wearing the PowerSkip boots in the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies. I confess I saw those and wondered how they could be incorporated into a kangaroo fursuit...

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Awesome! Whenever the design gets finalized, I gotta get me some of those.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I'd imagine that walking around in these (or something like them) would void any personal injury insurance you might have but, boy, would you look good in a fursuit. :-)

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