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Pawpet Megaplex-List Of Planned Events

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As the date for Megaplex draws closer, we'd like to show you some of the events we have planned. Hopefully there is something to appeal to everyone.FRIDAY, March 8
Performance Events

11am - Opening Ceremonies - Salon 3
3pm - 5pm - Loco's Random Jam - Salon 3
An informal music jam featuring acoustic guitars. Music styles may include folk music and classic rock songs.
7pm - 8pm - Magic with Devin Fox
A musically choreographed performance by local master of illusions - Devin Fox.
8pm - 9pm - The MegaPlex Improv
Whose Line is it? It's the line of the Improv Players led by local comedians Dave Piccola and Terry Sender.
10pm - ??? MegaPlex Dance #1

Seminars and Learning Events

1pm - 2pm - Intro to Improvisation
This workshop will feature Dave Piccola giving his insight into preparation for improvisational comedy
2pm - 3pm - Pawpet Show Production
Ever wondered how the many facets of the Funday Pawpet Show are put together? Now you can hear it straight fom the staff.
3pm - 4pm - Mascot Head Carving
Watch as a mascot character head is conceptualized and basic carving begun by local character performer Herbie Hamill
4pm - 5pm - Mesh Head and Costumed Character Bodysuit construction
Local costumer Chad Laubach will be giving his insight into construction techniques for mascot style bodysuits, as well as mesh head character construction.


Performance Events

11am - Noon - CARE Presentation
The C.A.R.E. Foundation will be speaking about animal protection and will show a number of local animal species.
1pm - 3pm - CARE Foundation Charity Auction
A charity auction hosted by Dr. Samuel Conway with the proceeds benefitting the C.A.R.E. Foundation.
3pm - 5pm - Pawpeteers Live!
A collection of puppeteers from around the country will be performing a variety of musical and comedic routines.
6:45 - 9pm - The MegaPlex Showcase
A cavalcade of entertainment showcasing the variety of entertainers performing at the MegaPlex. Live perfomance by the musical band Spun, magic, stand-up comedy, puppeteering, costumed characters, and much more.
9pm - 10pm - Uncle Kage's Story Hour
Dr. Sam Conway, affectionately known as Uncle Kage, will be entertaining the audience with stories based on true life experiences.
10pm - ??? - MagePlex Dance #2

Seminars and Learning Events

3pm - 4pm - Art Supply Basics
A session to help beginning artists learn about the differences in art materials and media.

SUNDAY, March 10
Performance Events

10am - Noon - MegaPlex Match Game
A game show hosted by B.J. Hughes. Some members of the audience will be invited to particpate in this live version of a classic television game show.
Noon - 2pm - Martial Arts Demonstration
2pm - 4pm - The Funday Pawpet Show
A 2 hour version of the weekly internet puppet show. Come and see Mutt, Rummage, Arthur, Tod, Poink, Ne're, and all of your
favorite Pawpet characters in this live MegaPlex performance.
5pm - 8pm - Karaoke
Relax and join in a live Karaoke session.

Seminars and Learning Events

1pm - 2pm - Mascot Construction and Performance
Local mascot Kelly Frank will share her knowledge about mascot construction and performance.
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