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‘Sing’: I did my best, it wasn’t much

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singmovie.jpgThis movie had just the worst timing.

Is it fair to review a movie that came out half a year ago now, just because I was Making A Point about … something or other … when that half a year ago came and went? I don’t know, but if the review had come out then, it would have been a thumbs up. Now, this is a negative review, by the way.

Sing’s well out of the theaters and available to rent or own, and it’s nominated for an Ursa Major award. Maybe it’ll win it, for all we know. Everybody could have just gotten tired of the at this point assumed and basically all but destined winner; of course, 2016 was not a great year for presumed and basically all but destined winners. If you voted for Sing, however, I don’t blame you; it’s still okay. There is a difference between a pan and savaging, and, honestly, this barely rates pan. I used to like it, after all. Still kind of do. Just not as much anymore.

Part of the reason for this downturn in my affections is due to another movie; yes, there’s an elephant in the room we’re going to need to talk about, and I’m obviously not talking about the characters in the movie. Actually, there are a lot of elephants I’m planning on discussing, but set that aside right now because, when I rented Sing recently and rewatched it, I realized I liked Rock Dog better. So, there’s that.


Since this is such a late review, and is practically a retrospective at this point, I’m just going to drop the pretense and compare Sing and Zootopia. But first, there is one area these two movies are different, and while Zootopia puts its furry aspects title first, Sing’s title opts to put the spotlight on the fact that it has music.

The characters are taking part in a singing contest, which morphs into a non-competitive talent show late in the plot, and, given the fact I’ve had nearly six months to think about it, I realize this is an odd choice. A live show’s attraction is that it’s live; something could go wrong, and there’s not a backup. If something happens like Faye Dunaway announces the wrong Best Picture, then one of the presumed and basically all but destined winning musical’s producers has to rise to the occasion and announce the real winner.

There are ways around this in live action movies; continuous shots and extreme closeups to show, look, we didn’t edit this. Look at Anne Hathaway totally rocking this solo song in Les Miserable; now give her an Oscar. There may have been multiple takes, but this is just one of them; when it comes down to it, she did it basically live. But this is an animated movie; these singers are in a booth somewhere, which is the exact opposite of doing it live.

The truth of the matter is Sing is working up to a live performance of the main character’s songs, and it turns out the guy from Kingsman: The Secret Service really can sing, but he’s not doing it live; it’s still a studio performance. There’s only one song that really pops, and that’s the pig duo’s rendition of “Shake It Off”, and that’s because they dance to it.

Now, let’s get to Zootopia, which also ends on a “live” concert, true, but it’s not the climax of the movie; it’s a credits sequence. Or, how about another furry “live” performance, and one of my favorite film sequences of all time, the final circus performance in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted; here, this is an emotional climax to at least one character’s arc, but the scene embraces it’s artificiality and becomes an animation showcase. Both the Zootopia and Madagascar sequences are highly performative, like the pig’s dance; most of the singers in Sing just get up to the microphone and sing. Maybe play an instrument. They’re just a bit of a letdown, especially since they come after the dance number. They’re all well sung, but there’s little illusion they’re nailing this in one take. For all I know they are, but the truth is I don’t know; so, I cynically assume they didn’t.

Also, the only original song is performed by Ash (Scarlett Johannson), a porcupine, supposedly written by her, in a choice not to go with bubblegum pop like “Call Me Maybe”. Unfortunately, the song is not exceptionally memorable; “Try Everything” from Zootopia is a case of a song I like, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s because I like the movie it’s in more than any actual quality of the song. But it has the advantage of being the sole song sung in the movie (and featuring in, not one, but two stand out visual scenes); Ash may not like “Call Me Maybe”, but by mocking it, she only shows how freaky catchy that song is. Meanwhile, her own song is neither as catchy as a pop song, nor as spiky as the punk song her character would seem to want to write. As I’ve pointed out before, at least “Try Everything” hides some bitter lyrics behind the sweetness of the music; Ash’s song is also a bit bitter, but it’s ostensibly supposed to be a breakup song. It’s just not that angry.

But let’s talk some more about “Try Everything” for a minute; remember when it was announced that Shakira was singing a song for Zootopia? And it was called “Try Everything”? It felt like that could go a little bit dirty, didn’t it? Then it was a completely clean pop anthem without even a very danceable beat. And that’s where the pigs’ dance beats Zootopia; their performance is just a little naughty. Combine this with the fact that it comes from, well, a pair of pigs, it’s an astonishing choice. Tigers are nature’s backup dancers; put them in tight sparkly shorts, give them a few synchronized arm waves, and you’re off to the races.

But put a pig in a skintight, sparkly catsuit and have her do a shadowed strip tease, and you’re on your own. Suddenly, things feel live.

Add the fact that pig Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) has the best character arc in the movie, and the pigs are this movie’s krill, if you will.

Hallelujah and the elephant

At a low ebb in the movie, a character sings “Hallelujah”, and for once, the movie’s timing went right, because, for a variety of tragic reasons, that song became the mournful dirge that played out the end of 2016 like some kind of twisted sitcom theme song. The character that sings this song is an elephant, because of course she is.

That’s part of the bad timing, too. Because, though I would have given it a thumbs up, it wasn’t a very enthusiastic thumbs up; I swear, this isn’t supposed to be a complete pan, but even then, it wouldn’t have been a rave, either. In hindsight, it just didn’t answer the times. It probably doesn’t seem fair to ask a children’s cartoon to have a response to Donald Trump, or, really, the million other little things of which he was only the poster child that conspired to make a song about a sad argument with God the final statement on the year.

But, Zootopia did.

Someone somewhere once told me they don’t pick their entertainments for their politics. Well, I do. If I’m going to take reviewing cartoon animals seriously, and treat them like a topic worthy of discussion, then I must hold them to a standard in which they themselves are worthy of discussing topics of importance. Someone somewhere once accused me of not understanding the feelings of an artist in having their work reviewed.

It never occurred to them that of course I do, because this, right here, what I’m doing now, is my art. And if it’s ludicrously unfair to expect a child’s cartoon movie to respond to the real world, how unfair is it to expect a review of a child’s cartoon movie to respond?

Well, life isn’t fair, and this is what I do; this is how I make my response, as inadequate as it is.

Sorry, Sing, you weren’t prepared for the world of 2016. Nobody was.

Oh, well. We’ll survive. Or we won’t.



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Meanwhile, for 2017 social commentary movies, so far we've got...The Circle. Ew.

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Well, Get Out is pretty good.

There was a while I was trolling r/zootopia by posting "Spoiler alert: This comic ends with Finnick telling Nick 'I told you you shouldn't have gone in that burrow'." to every "Nick meets Judy's parents" comic posted (and there are just so many of those).

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I meant to see that in theaters but missed it (weird for me because I watch everything in theaters) and just haven't gotten around to it ever since. Completely forgot about it by now, but you're right.

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I don't have much to say about Sing, glad you liked Rock Dog more though.

Try Everything is so awful, it still drives me nuts. It's amazingly soulless, especially from Disney. And I love Shakira more than anything as a half-Mexican whose sona was partially inspired by her, it hurts me XP

Did you give your opinion on the song from Rock Dog; Glorious? I think it's way better, considering how formulaic the lyrics in Try Everything are, and Glorious has rhyme teases which are kinda interesting to notice.

Personal opinion, anyone who likes Try Everything is really just trying to force themselves to like it cause of the movie it's in. In literally any other movie by any other artist, it'd be such a nothing, meaningless, forgettable trainwreck. Please, anybody who wants remotely animal theme Shakira song, go listen to Shewolf or Animal City.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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Not sure if that tweet constitutes as your opinion on Glorious.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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I ...actually agree with you on that.

Maybe not something as severe as "soulless." But the song is bland and disappointing. It's as if Shakira wasn't really trying, or was forced to work with unfamiliar creative constraints. I was really wanting something better for an occasion as special as Zootopia was supposed to be. I have tried to like it but I can't fool myself.

I've heard two covers of "Try Everything," which both happened to debut at Anthrocon 2016, and I feel both are somewhat better than the original. One appears on Fox Amoore's & Pepper Coyote's album #Hashtag as a tribute to the movie being a significant event for the fandom, but it sounds awkward and out of place surrounded by original tracks by Fox & Pepper.

The other is a take on the song by Scurrow on a "guitar," and it still tickles me to this day.

I do find Sing's original music to be pretty catchy. "Faith" is exciting. "Set It All Free" still floors me. I've been listening to it almost endlessly. It was the perfect way to complete the adorable Ash's story arc. It's fun, it's full of emotion, it keeps getting stuck in my head, and it's easy to sing along with.

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Is it bad for me to think that Fox Amoore's Try Everything cover was a cash grab and a shameless cash in? XP

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

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I kept thinking of "live" furry performances after submitting; Rio 2's "I Will Survive" is pretty good (Rio 2 basically had Sing as a subplot) and, of course, the out of nowhere "Let Me Be Good to You" from The Great Mouse Detective.

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I would have loved if the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies had just been "live" concert performances by the Chipmunks instead of trying to have a plot.

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Let Me Be Good to You is one of my favorite Disney songs ever. And too often forgotten.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

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I think the timing is more weird on the fact that reality/got talent type shows are kind of on their way out really. Because you don't have to go begging to a studio for you 10 minutes of stage time. Get a camera, record a video, and if you got talent (and arguably if you even have none) you'll get your audience.

Haven't seen the film myself, but I'm fine with a-political features. Need some breathing from allegory sometimes.

Heck Life of Pets was quite fun for what it was, though I will admit other than the antagonist, it was mostly forgettable.

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I agree that Sing's timing was bad. 2016 was one of the best years for animation in a long time. Zootopia, Moana, and Kubo were all outstanding. Then there was Finding Dory which, although I didn't see, was highly praised, and Secret Life of Pets was apparently pretty good as well (I didn't see that one though either). Even some of the low expectation movies from 2016 got solid reviews, like Storks and Trolls. There was so much solid animated content that having Sing come at the end of the year sort of set the bar kind of high for them.

By contrast, 2017 looks like it is going to be a bad year for animation. We got heavy advertising on Emoji Movie and Boss Baby, both of which seem to me like bad ideas that were leftover concepts from idea sessions about better movies. The previews so far for Ferdinand make it look questionable, like I just really don't think John Cena was the right choice to voice Ferdinand. Captain Underpants is a pretty bizarre concept. I guess its popular among some kids but, just too weird for me. Smurfs - not much to say there. Nut Job 2 - I kind of enjoyed the first one, but I really would have preferred another Over the Hedge movie. I can't imagine that Nut Job 2 will be smarter and/or more well written than the first one, which was modest on both counts. Despicable Me 3's ads haven't shown much potential so far. I really feel like Gru's brother is such a heavy handed stereotype that I am doubting I will like him. As for Lego Batman, it just looked over the top goofy and like maybe it's lacking the heart of Lego Movie.

It's sad when Cars 3 looks like it will be the smartest animated movie in 2017, but I think that is likely the case. (Disclaimer, I have not yet seen Rock Dog, but it seems like there is some question as to whether its actually a 2016 movie or a 2017 movie? Originally released in 2016 overseas but launched in U.S. in February of 2017.)

If Sing had come out this year, I think it would be at or near the top of the heap, and would probably be Oscar material just due to the weak competition. I did enjoy Sing, the music was great and the story was entertaining and had a few genuine surprises. Yea, it didn't speak to the times at all, since politics was really heavy around December of 2016, and yea singing competitions are probably on their way out. However, I do think it would have looked much better coming out this year since I think people are going to be a bit starved for good animated content by the end of 2017.

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Have you seen Your Name? Like Rock Dog, it could be considered either a 2016 or a 2017 film depending on whether you go by overseas or North American release.

I keep thinking I'm going to produce a Top 10 list of animated films from 2016, but at present there are some contenders I haven't seen yet, including Rock Dog, My Life as a Zucchini, Koe no Katachi, and a couple of others. So far my top four are Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings, Your Name, and Zootopia; others currently in my Top 10 are Finding Dory, The Red Turtle, The Little Prince, Sing, Kung Fu Panda 3, and The Secret Life of Pets, but a couple of those are likely to get bumped off if the not-yet-seen films are as good as the reviews indicate. Incidentally, a couple that I disqualified as being 2015 films due to overseas releases are The Boy and the Beast and April and the Extraordinary World.

As you say, there don't seem to be many strong entries yet for 2017. We'll have to wait and see if any strong contenders emerge, or what lesser-known and less-promoted films emerge as worth seeking out.

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I haven't seen Your Name yet though I am aware of all the positive press for it. I will likely see it when I can get a dvd.

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The Little Prince was also a 2015 overseas film

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Noted, thanks. I guess I'll have to disqualify that one as well.

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Er – I love this discussion, but you do know that most of these 2017 animated features are not anthropomorphic?

For those that are, Rock Dog is already out, and we can look forward to The Nut Job 2 and Ferdinand. Coco isn’t anthro, but Dante the xolo dog looks like a strong character. I suppose that Cars 3 is anthro, although I can't get excited over anthro cars.

Fred Patten

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And Emoji Movie is anthro? :3 I guess I don't even know what that is lol. But I do think all that stuff would have impacted our perspective on Sing.

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Well, it's got anthropomorphic poop (voiced by Patrick Stewart!).

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On the other hand, furry video games are crazy this year.

Got the 2 Sonics: Mania & Forces, Night in the Woods, Yokee-Laylee, Rival of Aether, Wonder Boy: Dragon's Trap officially released this year.

And that's just what we (or I) know about right now.

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I am all for more animation discussion here, even if it isn't anthropomorphic!

In fact I think it was weird that the above Sing review was based solely on comparison to other anthro movies. The only thing they have in common is the animation type, anthro characters, the year of release and perhaps the target audience (it's not us). But the actual content of these movies are apples and oranges. One is a buddy cop action movie with political allegory, one is a small town musical ensemble, one is a culture clash story where the main character also happens to have magic powers I guess.

We're judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

For what it's worth, I thought Sing was a fantastic movie, even among the 2016 line-up. It deserves to be criticized as a movie that stands on its own, not against some other major release.

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In fact I think it was weird that the above Sing review was based solely on comparison to other anthro movies.

You, uh, you know you're on a furry site, right?

Because you're on a furry site.

Well, let's see, I compared Sing to:

- a recent major release it shares the furry genre with (Zootopia); found it lacking.
- a recent minor release it shares the furry genre with (Rock Dog); found it lacking.
- a major release a couple years old it shares the furry genre with (Madagascar 3); found it lacking.
- Les Miserable, for some reason; found it lacking.

On the whole, I think I was pretty clear I found it pretty lacking. I didn't beat it around the head with Zootopia; I beat it around the fucking head with the cheap Chinese knockoff of Zootopia and Les fucking Miserable.

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We get it, you don't like the movie and you can't spell Les Miserables. Nobody's trying to tell you your opinion is wrong, so relax.

This being a furry site doesn't invalidate my point. Comparing furry and non-furry content is not off limits here.

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Dude, I can't even pronounce Les Miserables, but I do know it's not furry, and I compared and contrasted it to Sing, so what are you complaining about.

It's not the opinion; it's that you attacked the review based on the idea that I shouldn't compare the furry world movie to another furry world movie because they don't share a genre. Because that makes sense. Furthermore, my main comparison of Sing to Zootopia was the animated performance of the song; i.e. even if we're not allowed to call furry a genre, the type of scene they had in common. I didn't compare Ash singing to Zootopia's Godfather parody. Heck, I didn't even go into the comparison of their furry worlds, because I looked at my word count and was like, nope, wrap it up, wrap it up. Also, didn't really have much to do with the quality of either movie, either way; they're different takes, but definitely more "choose your poison" than "this route is flawed".

Outside of that, my entire point of writing the review at this late date was to make a statement about the ability of so-called "ghetto" genres (like furry) to address real world issues. I clearly and repeatedly pointed out this may be unfair to those who choose not to make a political statement, especially, as pointed out, the creators are working in a genre not known for making political statements (and it's not just furry; musicals aren't usually, but can be politicized. Les Something-In-French-Or-Whatever is about a failed political revolution.), but I assure you that I also believe that not making a political statement is in itself a political statement in a sort of "they came for the ..." way. I recall the Doctor Who script editor during the Thatcher prime ministry, Andrew Cartmel, who, when asked by the producer what he'd like to do with this particular kid's show, answered "Overthrow the government."

So, saying "political" is Zootopia's genre is kind of galling. It's not a genre; it's part of all of them.

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Also, apologies to the poor guy who five starred the Les Miserables joke while I was editing it into way more baggage than what they may have intended to five star.

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That was me. I thought you were taking it easy.

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The tl:dr version is "I can't take things easy right now."

I even take my dumb Les Miserables jokes seriously.

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I'll try to elaborate on what I was trying to say. I said I think it was weird that you compared Sing to two other 2016 Anthro movies and left it at that. Well, I re-read it, and you do make a couple one-off references to "Les Miserables" and "Rock Dog," but you spend most of your review talking about "Zootopia," which is mentioned directly by name no fewer than 8 times. In my opinion your review grasps at straws making comparisons between the two, for example by comparing the second half of Sing to the unrelated credits sequence of Zootopia, or by singling out one of Sing's 60 songs to say you liked Zootopia's one song better. As far as the Rock Dog mention, you only offer the unhelpful "I liked Rock Dog better, so there's that."

"Sing" being a jukebox musical, there are plenty of movies with similar content that would have made far more relevant and useful benchmarks, including anthro movies, like "Trolls" or "Happy Feet," and non-furry movies, such as "Moulin Rouge" or "Across the Universe." I don't think it's wrong to compare "Sing" to "Zootopia" - but I do think it's unfair to focus entirely on that one movie the way you did, especially since there is so little in common between the two to actually compare, and so many other movies that are more relevant.

Words like "attacking" and "complaining" are not how I would describe what I have said in regards to your review. At no point did I use the kind of scathing remarks one might consider to be an attack; nor did I or anyone else call Zootopia's genre "political." I have withheld all of my thoughts and feelings on it save for the one thing. I'm sorry that you "can't take things easy right now," but as a critic yourself, you ought to be able to handle feedback far more severe than "It's weird that you did it this way."

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Well, maybe, in the review that ends with the guy saying "I consider this my art", saying something like "It's weird you did it this way" is kind of scathing, from my viewpoint.

Since I brought up old comment arguments in the text of the review, here's another one; was told professionals don't cuss and rant in the comments, and obviously this commenter I was arguing with has never read professional reviews and their comments, because, oh my God, all the time. Just all the time. Because people are just assholes to critics. "Oh, you're a critic, so you must be able to take criticism; oh, wait, THAT MEANS I HAVE IMPUNITY TO BE AN ASSHOLE. FUCK, YEAH!"

Look, honestly, you liked the movie; I copped to being unfair to Sing multiple times in the review, in case you haven't noticed. I was late and had time to really dig into it, and I took it to task for essentially not being an anti-Trump screed, which is so fucking unfair it's not even funny.

Comparing it to Zootopia was pretty fair, though. I'm not going to budge from that. In fact, I use Sing to make fun of a scene in Zootopia; it's just as unfair to Zootopia (but you aren't whining about that, are you). Besides, it didn't really matter; it wouldn't have been a favorable review anyway. Sing compared to nothing, in my opinion, still sucked. It just never really popped; just too safe. The only risky bit it had, I noted, and gave it an admirable mention.

Also, please note the word "sucked" there now; accusing me of being as shitty reviewer really making like it a lot more now.

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Also, what is going to be happening is I think I am going to be swinging rapidly back and forth from being the smart but mean but boring guy on Flayrah to being the dumb but nice but interesting guy on bo for the foreseeable future, with maybe a few sidetrips to projectile vomit on r/zootopia occasionally (oh, hey, I just remembered my avatar; that might have been fair to point out, skippy) because my Internet habit's mojo is getting all whack right now. Also, Twitter.

No, this post is not about you; it was never about you (except the parenthesis). That's the moral.

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"I consider this my art"

Being a hack as a hobbyist must take a lot of aspiration to mediocrity. Did you ever notice how there's an entire fandom for stuff besides what you can read literally on any review site? Why deliver the same bland opinions but less developed and more self absorbed?

"It just never really popped; just too safe" and an improvement could be more humbleness, more range and... less words

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Wait, are you critiquing the comments?

Because those are shit I don't care about.

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Well, then you should write better.

(Second comment was much clearer; less words was good advice for both of us.)

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Honestly, we've been comparing various movies—including Sing—to Zootopia for a while now, so this is a strange place to complain about it for the first time. If somebody wants to say that a movie would have been better with a more timely political message, I can think of few better examples than Zootopia. Sure, Happy Feet had a message, but it's also from 2006 and was nowhere near as popular as Zootopia, among furries or among mainstream critics.

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Wow, first comment on the Sing trailer is me discussing it's bad timing.

I get a little broken record-y sometimes, but at least I'm using it to refer to at least three layers of meaning in the review (personal, political and furry).

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Also, I was so so wrong about Rogue One.

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I feel that the “I Will Survive” variant in the 2007 Argentine “El Arca” should be mentioned.

I can’t get just the song, but it’s prominent in this trailer on YouTube; which is followed by the whole movie (in Spanish).

If you want animation without regard for anthropomorphics, I’ve got months’ worth I can copy here.

Yarst. The trailer for “Miniscule” was taken down. Here it is again.

Fred Patten

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Okay, so there is a YouTube clip of just the "I Will Survive" sequence.

Fred Patten

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LEGO Batman was really, really good, but you're right, it probably didn't hit the emotional beats as well the original The LEGO Movie. It made up for that by somehow being way funnier; it's not many movies that have me cracking up before the studio bumpers. Seriously, the movie's version of Catwoman is probably my second favorite version ever, and a. I love Catwoman, and b. she's in the movie like a minute total.

The thing about Sing at the Oscars was that ... it somehow garnered worse reviews than A Secret Life of Pets (sorry, that's was a pan when it came out from me, and hasn't changed), and I don't know how, even setting aside my opinion. Sing was the favorite of Oscar pundits; Kung Fu Panda 3's Annie award nomination probably counted more than Sing's Golden Globe nomination, but more pundits were on team Sing on Gold Derby; one pundit even had it in his win spot for the category up until nomination morning. Nobody was counting on The Secret Life of Pets, though.

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By the way, having not seen the film, but only seen the trailers I noticed something that's kind of like out of those strange After Hours cracked videos.

There seems to only be prey animals in this film. No species that would be considered super predatorily (lions, tigers, bear, no my)

Is Sing an alternative universe of Zootopia where predators were ethically cleansed from society years ago?

Oh goodness... perhaps I should actually see the movie before making such an assertion.

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There are indeed bears in Sing. They feature prominently in one character's subplot.

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Phew, that's a relief.

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That subplot also ends very ominously, due to the reappearance of one of the bears.

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Paddington 2 has been announced; really regret not reviewing the first movie when it came out; saw it, really liked it and just never got around to reviewing it. And, I'm bringing it up because it was a children's movie with a bit of a political undertow; Peter Capaldi's character was basically a Brexit voter parody a couple years before the Brexit vote.

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I found 'Sing' entertaining, but it was because of the soundtrack, not the characters. Seriously, they could have gotten any species to sing those songs and it would have been fine. I've listened to to covers from it several times but have no intention to watch it again.

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FYI, "Sing" has two original songs, not one as you stated. They are "Faith" by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande, and "Set It All Free" by Scarlett Johansson. "I Don't Wanna" is technically a third, sung by Scarlett Johansson & Beck Bennett. It is a short punk rock piece that is featured briefly in the film and included on the soundtrack.

That's also not to mention all of the new (complete) song covers recorded for the movie - 9 by my count.

Taron Egerton
- "The Way I Feel Inside" (The Zombies)
- "I'm Still Standing" (Elton John)
Seth MacFarlane
- "Let's Face the Music and Dance" (originally written by Irving Berlin)
- "My Way" (popularized by Frank Sinatra)
Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
- "Venus" (Shocking Blue)
- "Shake It Off" (Taylor Swift)
Tori Kelly
- "Hallelujah" (originally Leonard Cohen and popularized in part by "Shrek")
- "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" (Stevie Wonder)
Jennifer Hudson
- "Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight" (The Beatles)

Being a movie specifically about music, and with a lot of effort having gone into casting and recording the soundtrack, I feel it deserves some mention.

I hope people who haven't seen the movie yet will give it a chance.

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Look, dude who's only contribution is an easy lay-up against against a fan production ... I don't really need to say anything more, do I?

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I offered a correction to a factual error. Grow up.

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Shit, hit reply.

I think you're mad, so we're even; really meant to give you the last word here, but I fucked that up.

Please don't waste the last word claiming you're not mad; nobody will believe you, for starters, and will just be a disappointing end.

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That one I don't need to apologize to one star guy, I don't think. About right.

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Six months, and I still submitted it too early. I figured it out. I finally figured out what was bothering me.

It was the ending; the ending was the problem. No stakes.

They should've kept the contest aspect; and Seth MacFarlane's mouse should have won.

It would have been perfect.

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I feel I should ask since we had this discussion previously. Are there any movies you want dibs for in the coming while? I really don't have any in the coming months. Animation in 2017 seems pretty dead XP

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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So, that's a sentence I write now.

Though, I technically called it back in 2012.

I realized last week, when Hasbro thought it was a good idea to release a movie based on Battleship, that I will probably be reviewing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie within the next couple of years.

This will be a review five years in the making; truly it will be epic. Also, about ponies.

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So what you're saying is I should rush and do the MLP movie ASAP?

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I don't see a release date yet for Austria or South Africa; best case scenario is that Austria and Germany have the same release date, meaning you have a day, if you're still in Europe.

(but i called it)

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I........ don't think you have a point.

Or maybe your writing is just too advanced for stupid old me.

Well, I'll be...

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(reply pending)

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I once wrote a review of 300 for a student paper and another staffer wrote a reply questioning how I could possibly know that there weren't really battle rhinoceroses at the battle of Thermopylae.

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My reply got so long I ended up making it into an entire review article.

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I did that once, but it was an opinion piece about Star Fox.

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I went to go see this movie in the theater - it was a strange experience. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, but I've seen no cultural impact from this film in subsequent months. No one has even mentioned it ...

Anthropomorphic characters
Likeable cast
Excellent animation (at least for this studio)

Cookie-cutter plot
Supremely unmemorable

Furry artist and Graphic Designer
Currently working at

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