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What dream film would you want first?

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The Zootopia 2 answer speaks for itself on this site I think.

I'm personally more curious about the Robin Hood remake. You just KNOW Disney would make it for 2017. They'd give Maid Marian more of a presence, definitely up the dialogue, and probably go with some cool character designs. And I don't think it'd need to be like The Jungle Book Remake, but some kind of mix between that and standard cartoon CGI might be cool. Not to mention the action scenes! As long as it doesn't have a Sia song I'd be totally on board.
Maybe consider it like the Lion King remake they're doing now in a way.

Do you prefer the safe choice or the more open ended one?

I don't know if this is a great poll, it may be a landslide. But it's a fun question to pose. :/

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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Answer: original movie, remakes and sequels are cancer at this point in time.

Or zootopia 2 with only a cameo of characters from the first movie.

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I picked Robin Hood remake. It was a great Disney classic and I think it would be great to keep it alive with a remake. I thought the 2016 Jungle Book—not sure if that was a intentional remake?—but, it was awesome! If they remake Robin Hood, I hope they can do it in the same quality.

Zootopia 2 would still be cool. I think it would nice to see an aftermath of the events that occurred in the first movie and see what new villains can arise from that.

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Now if they made the Robin Hood remake with assets from the Jungle Book's remake, it'd be ultimately more true to the original!

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Kinda off topic, but a recent Doctor Who episode featured the science fiction fan companion character Bill referencing sci fi/horror movies like The Thing or Terminator, only to have the Doctor tell her he'd never heard of them (he's not a fan of Alien) before accidentally revealing he's a big Disney fan with a Frozen reference (though we've actually known this since 2005). I bring this up because the writer of this episode, Mark Gatiss, also wrote a humorous episode about meeting Robin Hood, only to have the Doctor be sure he's a robot alien, because of course Robin Hood is fictional. I am still very disappointed that we didn't get a line where Peter Capaldi in pure grumpy old guy mode informs someone they will one day be played by a fox in the Disney adaptation.

Hey, did you guys notice my icon is a Disney/Doctor Who crossover?

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Both of these sound terrible

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Well, if I had to pick one it would be Zootopia 2, because Robin Hood is fine on its own, and doesn't need a CGI remake to ruin it (Im still annoyed at Disney's plans to do the same with Lion King). I would rather have them remake another tale with animals in it, or maybe perhaps make a squeal of sorts to Robin Hood. It would take place in the same universe, but a century or so down the line and following the English monarchy with some problem that could call on one of his descendants. King Edward I and the trouble with Scotland, The Wars of the Roses, or Henry VIII and his six wives, etc.

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That still doesn't sound very good. I do agree with another commenter above though that suggested Zootopia 2 be less "sequel" and more spin-off in the same universe. I mean, Zootopia wasn't amazingly original, but since like every movie these days is a remake, sequel, or adaptation, it's pretty close.

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How good or bad the forthcoming Lion King remake will be will depend a lot on what gets added, changed, or removed. They added scenes to the Broadway production that on the whole improved the story; I haven't heard anything one way or the other on whether those are getting added to this version, but if it turns out they are, that would be a positive sign.

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Considering the success of Zootopia, a sequel is likely already on the table. As for a "live action" Robin Hood, it's possible they'll get around to milking that too but I suspect they'll work on some of their other classics first... Sword in the Stone perhaps? They could do a nifty bit of transformation in that movie and with a little tweaking use similar visuals they used in the Jungle Book remake :)

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There's also the fact that "live action" Robin Hood movies haven't really been well received since Errol Flynn left the role. Even in the days when Robin Hood was the received wisdom pick for "worst Disney movie" (a view not that is happily no longer accepted, even outside the fandom), it wasn't the received wisdom pick for worst Robin Hood movie. (Full disclosure: I actually like the Kevin Costner version. I mean, two words: Alan Rickman.)

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You know you are furry the day you realize that you are disappointed with Arthur's decision not to take the squirrel's advances.

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And then, the moment you realize that, as Arthur is 12 at that point, the end result can only be seen on SoFurry or Inkbunny. Honestly, she's a cute squirrel; he'd have done better with her than he did with Guinevere.

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Zootopia's world buidling was so excellent and the film was so successful at the box office that they'd be fools not to have a sequel already in the works. I expect that it will focus on Judy and Nick's relationship and the problems in Zootopia society with an interspecies relationship (the set up is obvious and I think a substantial portion of the fans want it), and if I had to guess, they will get married. They will balance the struggles of that groundbreaking relationship with some High stakes case, probably involving travel outside of the main city to new areas we haven't seen yet.

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A Zootopia 2 has the potential to be much more original in its story. A live-action Robin Hood that is just a CGI remake of the 1973 cartoon story would be great to look at, but would not break new ground story-wise.

But -- a new movie about Robin Hood vs. Prince John's mommy -- that could really be something. All the historians agree that Eleanor of Aquitaine was much smarter than any of her sons. It was her idea for Richard to become King of England, Geoffrey to become Duke of Normandy, and for Richard to leave immediately on the Crusades (which he preferred anyway) and leave John as his regent in England, that kept the three brothers from plunging into a three-way civil war over Henry II's legacy. What if Prince John really had gone crying to his Mommy, and she confronted Robin directly?

Yarst. Somebody call this idea to Disney's attention!

Fred Patten

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Well, I mean, the first movie was so historically accurate, after all.

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Remaking Robin Hood with CGI would basically be Fantastic Mr. Fox in period costume, and not as good.

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