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What is the largest factor you consider when choosing a furry convention to attend?

Which furry Fortnite skin is the best?

Should comment require an account?

40% (60 votes)
60% (91 votes)
Votes: 151

Should creators make up new terms in their work when there is already an existing real world equivalent?

Absolutely! It enriches the new world and creates a further gap between fantasy and reallity.
33% (46 votes)
Yes. It's not always necessary but I like to see it happen.
14% (19 votes)
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It depends a lot on the context.
39% (54 votes)
No. In most cases it is just a distraction where I have to figure out what they mean.
4% (6 votes)
Never! It's completely pointless if there was an existing term available. Don't reinvent the wheel.
10% (14 votes)
Votes: 139

Do you consider yourself someone who values fursuits/fursuiting more than any other medium in the fandom?

12% (19 votes)
88% (138 votes)
Votes: 157

What dream film would you want first?

Do you prefer anthros with human hair or styled fur?

I only like styled fur (e.g. Nick Wilde)
34% (65 votes)
I only like human hair (e.g. Gadget from Rescue Rangers)
4% (7 votes)
No preference, but my personal fursona has styled fur
25% (48 votes)
No preference, but my personal fursona has human hair
24% (45 votes)
No preference, and have no fursona
13% (25 votes)
Votes: 190

What animal stereotype in media do you (take most offense to, think should continue, find confusing)?