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Do you consider yourself someone who values fursuits/fursuiting more than any other medium in the fandom?

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Inspired by this poll on Twitter:

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I wouldn't. Fursuiting is ok, but I think the furry fandom is best expressed through the medium of art and animation. It's much more expressive and it's something everyone can see no matter where you look. It's easier to do as well. In fact, I dare say that fursuiting is even a little overrated. Yeah, the designs look awesome, but their expensive and time consuming to make, a hassle to lug around, and feels like being cooked alive after awhile.

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Books, also. Books may not be as expressive as art and animation, but a montage of covers of books published by FurPlanet Productions, Sofawolf Press, Thurston Howl Publications, Rabbit Valley Books, Goal Publications, and Weasel Press could be very impressive.

In fact, I will suggest that the Furry Writers' Guild prepare such a montage that can be sent out to every news source that publishes an article "all about furry fandom" that does not mention its literature. Would any furry specialty press object to having its covers included in such a montage?

Fred Patten

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It's telling that even on a fursuiter's account, the answer is no. There is more to furry than what's on the surface. That said, Flayrah's readership clearly differs in the extent of people saying "yes".

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*wonders how often you check how individual people vote on polls or rate individual posts*

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I was talking about the linked fursuiter's Twitter poll! But since you ask: polls, always, but rarely for specific users; posts and comments, not unless I run across it by accident (the stats show votes by IP, or on user X, not by X).

I could totally e-stalk you, but I try not to get in that sort of habit. For example, I calculated the vote distributions of active users before making this comment, but I didn't look to see what you were voting on, because it was irrelevant.

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our benevolent technocrat <3

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Yeah, it's a no.

Even the very first video I did on my channel was about "Furry sans Fursuit".

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