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What is the largest factor you consider when choosing a furry convention to attend?

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Guest of Honor
1% (2 votes)
54% (84 votes)
Cost of attendance
12% (19 votes)
Program schedule
1% (2 votes)
Friends / acquaintances in attendance
22% (35 votes)
"Tradition" [never missed the con / attendance streak]
4% (6 votes)
Other (comment)
5% (8 votes)
Votes: 156


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Cost is probably the biggest one. I wanted to attend Eurofurence again but I can't really justify the cost at the moment.

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Myself it's usually proximity, kind of recluse compared to others, haven't really left the NorthEast US.

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I voted cost, but location is about the same thing, really.

The other consideration is whether or not the Ursa Majors are presenting at a convention and I'm nominated, and even then location still trumped one year because Australia, seriously?

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I feel I'm sort of obligated to go to Australia sometime before I kick the bucket.

But likely only once, it's quite a hike.

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I kinda feel bad about flying over the Atlantic just to attend a fur con, and the fact that it takes at least a day to get there and back doesn't help, so I've been sticking to Europe. Unfortunately it's still typically cheaper and faster to fly from the UK, especially with recent issues at the ports, but at least the distance is lower; and while takeoff is the worst part, it's not dumping carbon into the upper atmosphere for long.

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It's ethical to feel enviornmental guilt on taking a flight, but the sad reality is, unless you are the only one on the plane, it was going to harm the Earth whether you are on it or not.

And as the ghost flights during the pandemic taught us, we're so engrained in our machines doing our planning for us, we'll sometimes send empty vessels to the air just so it doesn't mess up the connection scheduling so we can burn gas instead of brain cells trying to relearn old style logistics.

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I said other because it's not really any specific thing much anymore. Early on in my fandom life I was definitely picking based on factors like location, cost, and even who was GOH. But now it's more about what con I actively want to do, if that makes sense. Like, the enormous and bloated MFF is a hard pass, but sign me up for the 50-300 person con in the middle of nowhere! I'm from Vancouver, Canada so most cons are an international flight for me. Why not try out all the cons I can if I'm able to do so financially? If you cut out the big cons where you have to fight just for a hotel room, you save a lot of money.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

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There are more than one issue for me. Cost is a big factor why I do not travel beyond my local or nearby convention. I cannot justify spending thousands for on far-off convention if they do not offer anything different programing than my local convention. The only exception is one trip to MFF (closer to being a furry WorldCon) or if I am touring the area. For example, I may attend Furry Fiesta as part of checking out Texas as a candidate for relocation out of the West Coast. For me to spenda thousand or more the con, it has to be like World Science Fiction convention, Dragoncon, Anime Expo, or San Diego Comic Con.

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