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Which furry Fortnite skin is the best?

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Previous coverage from our favourite cross fox: Ranking every furry skin in Fortnite from worst to best and Which is the best Fortnite Pet?

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This seems pulled from my original list, but I'd like to point out two really nice furry skins that came out after publication (which are covered here with "other"); Kit the regular-sized-cat-controlling-a-robot Axo the axotl.

Also, in the Pets poll, Ohm the metal owl and Marvel's Rocket Raccoon are now available as pets (and the Child from The Mandalorian, though he's not really furry), while Gunner the dog was actually removed from the game (apparently people were upset that he was basically a reskin of the time-locked Battle Pass Bonesy).

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It might have been, but it didn't have a lot of the entries in your piece, so I added some of those which seemed to be actual furry characters. Added the ones you just mentioned as well.

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Oh, Sorry about that. I was just going through a list of furry skins and forgot some. Just wanted to publish something as a test for future articles or polls.

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No worries; honestly for many of them it's a matter of opinion on whether it actually counts as 'furry'. Besides, polls can only have so many options before they become overwhelming. Thanks for the submission!

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Also hello Animalover126, welcome to Flayrah, hope you survive the experience!

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New season launched, so we got a new Battle Pass; one furry skin. Chapter 2, Season 6 will go through Easter (and most quite a bit beyond), so there is a Easter themed portion with a chick named Kluck. Okay, would not rank high on my list.

Less furry, but more just animals in general, well, animals can now be found on the island. Unfortunately, killing these animals is part of the new gimmick of the season (you can upgrade a "Makeshift" Weapon into a "Primal" weapon with animal bones). Wolves (who have strong facial similarities to Dire) also attack indiscriminately; I don't know if the boars do, or if you have piss them off first. I haven't seen a shark, which were introduced way back in Season 3, but they were still around last season if you knew where to look. Chickens act kind of like Cuccoos from The Legend of Zelda; you can grab them and glide with them. Frogs are poisonous, so you can make poisonous weapons. I think you may be able to "tame" animals; I don't know for sure, but one character seemed to be leading three wolves rather than running from them in the trailer, but maybe that was just a trailer thing.

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