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Fortnite players have the opportunity to support a furry artist

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felinofortnite.jpgOne of the regrets I had on submitting this ranked list of every furry cosmetic "outfit" available in the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale is that it didn't list any furry Creator Codes, mostly because I was unaware of any at the time. Also I regret that the list left out King Flamingo, but that's not important.

A Creator Code allows for players purchasing skins and various other cosmetic accouterments to have a portion of their purchase go to a "content creator", usually streamers or YouTube video makers, on the basic idea that whatever content is being created is free advertising for the game. Surely there was a furry streamer of Fortnite out there, somewhere, with a Creator Code?

Nearly five months later, I have stumbled upon a furry with a Creator Code while on e621, of all places. Felino (~Feline-gamer on FurAffinity), a Brazilian furry, has a Creator Code, FelinoJ. Surprisingly, the recognition seems to be for his furry fan-art of various characters from the game, of which is oftentimes very furry.

So, furry Fortnite players, next time you see an item you deem worthy of purchase, consider putting FelinoJ in the Creator Code box. If you're not into Fortnite, but do have an Epic Games Store account, Creator Codes work there, too. Alternatively, if you're not into supporting mega-corporations while supporting furries, Felino also has a Patreon and a Ko-fi.


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I suppose we are officially calling you "The Fortnite correspondent" at this point.

But I am a bit confused on this whole Creator Code thing, this can't be the only furry content creator with one? If there are others out there that have been missed, so if you are aware of any (or have one yourself) please leave them in the comment section below.

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Nice digging!

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Pun intended? :)

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This is the thing I like about Fortnite. The character designs are nice, and so is this (and any other) artist. I'm impressed.

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Okay, Season 8 starts around midnight, so I'll keep you posted if the Battle Pass has anything furry (sounds like, since the season will run through October, it's going to be kind of horror themed, with a mummy skin highly rumored, so possibly some Egyptian themed furry god type skins either in the pass or released to the store throughout the season?). Either way, if you're furry, play the game, and thinking of buying the Battle Pass, keep Felino in mind.

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Well, that didn't take long.

Between now and the Season 8 start, they're releasing teasers. So, unicorn, apparently.

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So, every rumored leak (besides maybe "evil queen" and "return of Kevin") was ... well, not debunked, I suppose, but not part of the Battle Pass. So, no mummies and/or Egyptian theming anywhere.

However, this is pretty much the furriest Battle Pass ever; 3 for 8 of the Battle Pass skins are anthropomorphic animals. Not like "guy in a mask/fursuit/whatever that furries like Felino are going to draw as animals", but actually anthro-animal characters. Besides the Unicorn, we've also got a "Toon" style version of Fishsticks and a anthro chimpanzee.

I think we're not getting any pets, though (and the last two weren't even animals, but aliens; Rocket during the Marvel Season was the last actual animal "Pet", and technically makes aliens three for three as Pets).

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Just getting this in here, but this season actually kinda sucks ass.

(Of course I'm still playing.)

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