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Ranking every furry skin in Fortnite from worst to best

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Fortnite Battle Royale (or just Fortnite) is a “battle royale” shooter that has been around since 2017, and while its getting a bit long in the tooth, it’s still hanging around and still free to play. Last year, the game finally implemented skill-based matchmaking, which means for casual and new players, it’s never been easier to get into. In many ways, it is comparable to Nintendo properties such as Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart, taking a more traditionally “hardcore” video game genre and making it more accessible with gimmicky gameplay, goofy items, cartoony visuals and massive amounts of RNG.

Of course, the game isn’t exactly furry in and of itself, but the game makes its money selling cosmetic upgrades to player’s in game characters, and quite a few of them feature either characters in animal costumes, or, more recently, straight up anthropomorphic animals. In the time-honored tradition of clickbait listicals, here is my ranking of those skins.

There are 60 “skins” (or “outfits”, as the game itself refers to them) that I have decided to list; I have left out skins of skins of the “normal person wearing cat ears” variety, skins with animal names but no actual overt animal visual aspects, non-human but not animal themed skins and also Batman and Catwoman (because that would be weird). Also, no skins released after Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 are on this list.

A bit of explanation about how to obtain these skins; there are three main ways to get cosmetic items in Fortnite. There is the Item Shop, which rotates new items daily; skins obtainable that way can come back at any time, and are basically at random (though holiday themed skins are pretty predictable), so if you see an Item Shop skin you like, you may be able to obtain it at a later date. The second way is via the Battle Pass, a collection of items that can be bought and unlocked during the course of an in game “season”; once the season is over, the skins are no longer available. Finally, there are Bundle skins, which can usually be purchased directly for real money instead of the in game currency of Vbucks (and usually come “bundled” with Vbucks); these, like the Battle Pass skins, are usually gone when the bundle’s gone, but a few skins have been known to appear in the Item Shop after their bundle.

Each entry below will contain the name of the skin, the species it represents, it’s Rarity and price (or which Battle Pass Tier it was available or which Bundle it was a part of), it’s original release date and which Set of cosmetic items it is a part of, followed by the in game description of the skin, then a brief reasoning for why I ranked a skin where I did.


60. Growler

Species: Dog
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Set: Animal Jackets
This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth
A really ugly skin that I wasn’t even really sure wasn’t just supposed to be a generic monster rather than specifically a dog at first.


59. Nitehare

Species: Rabbit
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 20, 2019
Set: Nitehare
Hopping straight out of your nightmares.
Another really ugly skin that is at least supposed to be ugly, but there are better “ugly on purpose” skins.


58. Bun Bun

Species: Rabbit
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 12, 2020
Set: None
If you see him you better run run.
One of our two most recent skins. Also the second of three lame rabbit skins in a row.


57. Flapjackie

Species: Rabbit
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: Nov. 9, 2018
Set:: Animal Jackets
Loves pancakes almost as much as victory.
Our lowest ranked female skin, and also our second, and thankfully last, Animal Jackets skin.


56. Master Minotaur

Species: Bull
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: March 29, 2020
Set: Chimera Crew
Unleash your manimal instincts.
Just kind of boring.


55. Firewalker

Species: Dragon
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 5, 2019
Set: None
Fueled by flames.
A Chinese style dragon, but still not very interesting.


54. Tender Defender

Species: Chicken
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2018
Set: Fowl Play
Protect your nuggets.
One of the many fast food mascot skins; it’s supposed to be stupid, and it does stupid well, but I still find it too stupid to like.


53. Sklaxis

Species: Snake
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: Nov. 24, 2019
Set: None
Respect it more for what it’s trying to do than what it actually accomplishes.


52. Snuggs

Species: Bear
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: October 19, 2019
Set: Royale Hearts
One broken bear.
Our first of the “Team Leader” bear suits (though not one of the four "main" variations), and the only male one. Just too ugly.


51. Slurp Leviathan

Species: Fish
Rarity: Slurp (Slurp Legends Bundle)
Release Date: March 20, 2020
Set: Slurp Legends
Call him Slurp Fish.
Our first updated “Legend” version of a previous skin available in a bundle; not as good as the original, though the Slurp variations are one of the weirder.


50. Meowscles

Species: Cat
Rarity: Epic (Chapter 2 Season 2, Tier 60)
Release Date: February 20, 2020
Set: Swole Cat
He’s one swole cat.
Our first Battle Pass skin, and this one’s still available. Nian cat mixed with a Crossfit bro, with a bit of Bondian henchcat thrown in to go with the season’s theme. Doesn’t really do it for me.


49. Wukong

Species: Monkey
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 18, 2018
Set: Wukong
Long live the king!
Our first Legendary skin, and its got a neat idea behind it (it’s apparently based on the Monkey King), but it’s still not one of my favorites.


48. Bash

Species: Llamacorn
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: December 16, 2019
Set: The Leftovers
When good llamas go bad.
This was one of the first skins released in a short-lived experiment where players could vote on which of two skins went to the Item Shop. Fun fact: It lost (though was eventually released anyway).


47. Grim Fable

Species: Wolf
Rarity: Epic (1500)
Release Date: November 3, 2019
Set: Red Riding
Once upon a time …
An updated version of a popular Battle Pass skin, Season 6’s Fable. I actually like it, but I have to dock it quite a few points because she’s wearing a wolf skin that she hunted down and killed.


46. Swift

Species: Rat
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: January 25, 2020
Set: Street Rat
It’s gonna be his year.
Released to celebrate the Year of the Rat, I want to like this skin more than I do. I just feel like there needs to be better rodent representation.


45. Frozen Fishstick

Species: Fish
Rarity: Frozen (Polar Legends Pack)
Release Date: December 23, 2019
Set: Polar Legends
Show’em how fresh frozen can be.
Our first variation of the popular Fishstick character, this bundled version feels like it should have just been released as a variant of the base skin rather than a whole new skin.


44. Rabbit Raider

Species: Rabbit
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 1, 2018
Set: Pastel Patrol
Scary cute.
Originally outshined by the other Pastel Patrol skin released on the same day, it was thought of as a pretty ugly skin. But then all those other rabbit skins came along, and suddenly it doesn’t feel so awful. Still a bottom half skin, though.


43. Molten Battle Hound

Species: Hound
Rarity: Lava (Lava Legends Pack)
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Set: Lava Legends
Release the molten hound!
Another bundle variant of a pre-existing skin that just isn’t as good as the original.


42. Monks

Species: Monkey
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: January 11, 2020
Set: None
Send in the monkey.
It’s a sock monkey. It’s okay.


41. DJ Yonder

Species: Llama
Rarity: Epic (Season 6, Tier 1)
Release Date: September 27, 2018
Set: Twin Turntables
Packing a playlist for the perfect party.
The last Tier 1 Battle Pass skin to be released without any upgradeable variations, he was surpassed in every way by the “remix” version from Season X. I also never liked the color scheme.


40. Battle Hound

Species: Hound
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: March 18, 2018
Set: Laoch
Release the hound!
As “guy in an animal mask” skins go, he’s one of the better. Only one set of skins managed to really pull it off, though.


39. Doggo

Species: Dog
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: May 26, 2019
Set: Grumble Gang
Who’s a good boy?
One of the first real anthropomorphic animals released to the item shop (not counting maybe Wukong) on our list. Pug dog would not have been my first choice of breed.


38. Jellie

Species: Anemone
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: January 21, 2020
Set: Fish Food
The anemone you don’t want for an enemy.
Good on the designers to include a non-arthropod invertebrate, I guess.


37. Contract Giller

Species: Fish
Rarity: Rare (Bassassin Challenge Pack)
Release Date: March 25, 2020
Set: Bassassin
Send in the fish.
Another variant of Fishstick. More understandable as a stand-alone skin this time than the Frozen Fishstick variant, but still just okay.


36. P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader

Species: Panda
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: August 18, 2018
Set: None
Victory now. Nap later.
Our first of the four “main” Team Leaders, this one is a bit marred by the fact that it’s not the original but it’s still counted as a super expensive Legendary skin. Also the only main Team Leader without a real holiday theme.


35. Mothmando

Species: Moth
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 30, 2018
Set: Moth Command
Out of the shadows, and into the light.
I think I like this one better than a lot of Fortnite players (it is usually found near the bottom of these kinds of lists), but still not enough to, you know, actually buy it.


34. Heartbreaker

Species: Llama
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 14, 2019
Set: Royale Hearts
The Valentine’s Day themed Royale Hearts set has introduced some of the most popular skins in Fortnite, but Heartbreaker is just another generic llama skin.


33. Rex

Species: T. rex
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: March 4, 2018
Set: Dino Guard
Hunting the competition to extinction.
The dinosaur skins are classics, but one has to finish third.


32. Hybrid

Species: Dragon
Rarity: Legendary (Season 8, Tier 1)
Release Date: February 28, 2019
Set: Brood
Become the dragon.
This is one I might get into trouble for, but I never really liked this skin. However, it’s pretty popular with both non-furry and furry players, though the former prefer the early ninja-based variations, while e621 indicates that the latter prefer the later dragon forms. Of note, this could technically be considered a rare free skin, as an in-game challenge during Season 7 could unlock the Season 8 Battle Pass for free in a one-time deal, as Apex Legends, the biggest competition Fortnite got, was released around the same time.


31. Bronto

Species: Brontosaurus
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: August 4, 2019
Set: Dino Guard
Eating plants and takin’ names.
I tell you, there’s nothing to worry about. The brontosaurus is large and placid … and stupid!


30. Fishstick

Species: Fish
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: December 27, 2018
Set: Fish Food
Keep far away from Maki Master.
Fishstick has become one of Fortnite’s mascot characters (he also doubles as one of their in universe fast food chain mascots), but he’s never really been my favorite. Gained a lot of variations over time; the pirate version is probably the best.


29. Fireworks Team Leader

Species: Bear
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: July 3, 2018
Set: Stars and Stripes
Life, liberty and the bear suit of happiness.
The second “main” Team Leader, both on our list and by release. ‘Merica!


28. Triggerfish

Species: Fish
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 23, 2019
Set: None
Stick it to’em!
I feel like I should hate this one, as I’m not the biggest Fishstick fan, and adding generic military guy style to the character shouldn’t work, but it’s actually pretty funny.


27. Clover Team Leader

Species: Dog
Rarity: Uncommon (800 Vbucks)
Release Date: March 15, 2020
Set: None
Share the luck.
How the Team Leaders have fallen. They started out as Legendary skins, and now two years later, they’ve become simple Uncommons. Clover doesn’t count as one of the “main” team leaders, as she’s not a bear, and I have to dock her a point for not having a four leaf clover on her stomach, but otherwise, if you like the Team Leaders, but always wished they were dogs, well, this is a pretty good skin.


26. Chomp Sr.

Species: Shark
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: July 22, 2018
Set: Chomp
Take a bite out of victory.
An oldie but goodie. Also, in case you’re wondering, Chomp Jr. is the Chomp set’s pickaxe.


25. Leviathan

Species: Piranha
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 15, 2018
Set: Space Explorers
Call me fishman.
The first real anthropomorphic animal character, rather than a human in a costume, to be released to the Item Shop. Leviathan has a surprising amount of lore around him; in game loading screens indicate he’s in a Shape of Water type relationship with the Jungle Scout, and there’s the mythical Limited Time Mode featuring players fighting a giant Leviathan that veteran players troll newer players with stories about.


24. Bundles

Species: Bear
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: December 6, 2019
Set: Royale Hearts
Bundle up for battle.
The Team Leaders were popular skins, but they were running out of steam by late last year. And a polar bear for winter was kind of obvious. But, shockingly, Bundles ended up not being just another reskin, but a genuine new skin that took inspiration from the original Team Leaders but still being distinct.


23. Y0ND3R

Species: Llama
Rarity: Epic (Season X, Tier 47)
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Set: Twin Turntables
Party like there’s no tomorrow.
The superior remixed version of DJ Yonder. Much more variety of styles, and most of them look better than DJ Yonder to begin with. However, a couple points must be taken off for one of the options available being the removal of the mask.


22. Quackling

Species: Duck
Rarity: Uncommon (800 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 12, 2020
Set: None
Quack in action.
Our other most recent furry skin, this one’s way better than Bun Bun. Also, it is a pretty good deal, what with four different color variants available at the lowest Item Shop price.


21. Dark Rex

Species: T. rex
Rarity: Dark (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Set: Dino Guard
The dark king of the dino guard.
The Dark versions of the Dino Guard are one of the rare instances where the later themed version is the one I prefer. And they cost 800 Vbucks less than the originals!


20. Mecha Team Leader

Species: Bear
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: July 19, 2019
Set: Final Showdown
Some assembly acquired.
The star of an epic in game event, in which the full-size Mecha Team Leader fought a giant kaiju across the Fortnite map. The mecha represents the combined might of the Cuddle Team Leader as its head and namesake, with Drift and Rex providing arms and the original in game fast food mascots Tomatohead and Beef Boss providing the legs.


19. Tricera Ops

Species: Triceratops
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 20, 2018
Set: Dino Guard
Sink your teeth into victory.
Though she hasn’t gotten as much story spotlight as Rex (not that Fortnite has a lot of plot, mind you), Tricera Ops is my preferred design. She shouldn’t have done Rex dirty like that at the beginning of Season 4, though.


18. Llion

Species: Llama/lion
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Set: Neon Jungle
Prowl the neon light.
The Neon Jungle set is pretty new, but I hope they add to it, because these are pretty cool skins, and they’re each twofers. Llion here gets the lower spot, because there are already plenty of generic llama headed skins in Fortnite, but this is a great set.


17. Dark Tricera Ops

Species: Triceratops
Rarity: Dark (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Set: Dino Guard
Sink your teeth into darkness.
I’ve already said just about everything there is to say about the Dino Guard set, so I’ll just note that I usually prefer the female skin of a set to the male, don’t I?


16. Dolph

Species: Reindeer
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: December 24, 2019
Set: Winter Wonderland
He came to sleigh.
He’s a bit over-designed, and there is a better winter-themed fully anthro skin released late last year, but he’s a fully anthro skin, and that’s always a plus.


15. Wooly Warrior

Species: Mammoth
Rarity: Rare (Winterfest Present)
Release Date: January 1, 2020
Set: None
Ready for a comeback.
The Wooly Warrior has the unique distinction of being one of two free skins given as Christmas presents to players last year. She’s a pretty cool skin by herself, but being free is also nice.


14. Bunny Brawler

Species: Rabbit
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 1, 2018
Set: Pastel Patrol
Hop into action.
I can’t really confirm this, but the Bunny Brawler might be the consensus choice for the hottest skin in the game. Don’t hold it against her.


13. Bunnywolf

Species: Rabbit/Wolf
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Set: Neon Jungle
Your animal power glows through.
Until recently, Bunny Brawler had the title of best bunny in Fortnite down pat. Then Bunnywolf came along. It helps she’s also a wolf, which is nice.


12. Beastmode

Species: Rhinoceros/lion/jaguar/jackalhyena
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: March 24, 2019
Set: Mechanimals
Gassed up and ready to roar.
A four for one deal, I’m a big fan of the Jackal variation especially of this skin. Though I think somebody needs to be informed that jackals and hyenas are not the same animals. Gonna have to take a few points off for that.


11. Cuddlepool

Species: Bear
Rarity: Marvel (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: April 10, 2019
Set: None
Ferociously furry.
I like Deadpool. I like the Team Leader skins. I like Cuddlepool.


10. Drift

Species: Fox
Rarity: Legendary (Season 5, Tier 1)
Release Date: July 12, 2018
Set: Drift
Journey into the unknown, and find your way to victory.
Drift is just a classic skin, and one of the few who actually has an in-game backstory. He’s apparently some guy from the normal world who got whisked into the Fortnite world, and instead of panicking, decided to just go with it. Fox mask and all.


9. DJ Bop

Species: Llama
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: January 1, 2019
Set: Twin Turntables
Lose yourself in the beat.
Now, we’ve gone through a lot of humans wearing different forms of animal costumes, from simple masks to corporate mascot inspired getups, but of all that type of skin, DJ Bop is the one that most feels like an actual fursuit a furry somewhere would come up with to me. I’m surprised sometimes to be reminded Bop doesn’t actually have a tail, which is going to take a few points off, as is the standard unmasked variant that was later added.


8. Spooky Team Leader

Species: Bear
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: November 1, 2018
Set: None
Find delight in fright.
Ugly on purpose done right. This is, without a doubt, the skin I’ve rocked in game the most.


7. Polar Patroller

Species: Polar bear
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: December 31, 2019
Set: None
Don’t poke the bear.
A big ol’ bear in military gear. What else do I have to say?


6. Catalyst

Species: Fox
Rarity: Legendary (Season X, Tier 1)
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Set: None
Alter the paradigm.
My preference for the female version of skins continues, with the alternate reality version of Drift outranking him. To be fair, the Season X “remix” skins have a lot more variety, though Catalyst’s standard black look (fully upgraded, of course) is sharp.


5. Ragsy

Species: Bear
Rarity: Epic (1500 Vbucks)
Release Date: September 28, 2019
Set: The Leftovers
Say hello to your worst nightbear.
This is the skin that beat Bash in that vote. Post-apocalyptic black and pink punk for the win!


4. Lynx

Species: Cat
Rarity: Legendary (Season 7, Tier 1)
Release Date: December 6, 2018
Set: Lynx
Who needs nine lives when one is enough?
You still see this skin a lot, and when you do, you know you’re in for a fight (unless it’s the un-upgraded version; the AI bots seem to like that version). It makes sense; it’s a slick looking skin that just looks dangerous.


3. Dire

Species: Wolf
Rarity: Legendary (Season 6, Tier 100)
Release Date: September 27, 2018
Set: Full Moon
Leader of the pack.
Tier 100 skins are held to higher standards than most skins; when you first start to see them in a season, it’s impressive. However, most of them since Dire have actually been pretty lame, if you ask me. Dire was really the last time unlocking all 100 tiers was really worth it. Could’ve used a tail, though. Lynx has a tail.


2. Cuddle Team Leader

Species: Bear
Rarity: Legendary (2000 Vbucks)
Release Date: February 10, 2018
Set: Royale Hearts
Hug it out.
The original furry skin, and still one of the best. Though there are quite a few skins that have become iconic, the Cuddle Team Leader is basically the unofficial mascot of the game. Not bad for a what was supposed to be a one off Valentines’ Day themed teddy bear skin.


1. Fennix

Species: Fox
Rarity: Rare (1200 Vbucks)
Release Date: August 26, 2019
Set: Fur Force (Correction 4/20: Originally had this as "none").
Never outfoxed.
Given who I am, that a fox ends up taking the number one spot is probably not a surprise. But this actually a really good looking skin. It even has a tail! And this feels like one of those moments where someone on the design team just decided to make something for the furries. Or was a furry. Anyway, best skin.


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The boredom must really be setting in.

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I think he would have written this anyway.

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Signs were there. And it's hardly even biased; after all, the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

The "Fur Force" set name for Fennix and related equipment is, however, a worrying reminder of the Furry Force.

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Well, that just needs a correction, because I thought Fennix didn't have a set ...

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Also, whoever added the most recent tag, that was good.

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It felt appropriate, if not necessary!

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Nogger wtf is "fUr fOrCe" thats weird asf, FishStick Force is way better, yall a bunch of goofies.

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Yeah people are weird as hell, like imagine crushing over fortnite "fUrRiEs", This world is pathetic. FishStick still the best tho. FishStick Force for life #FishDick

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Okay, so, new Chapter of Fortnite, and we've got a couple updates (comment udpdates; not gonna re-rank and re-list everything, 'cause, like, who cares? Also, I purposely put a cutoff date in the article for a reason.) to the list of "furry skins in Fortnite.

- Okay, first, a skin that was released after this article but still last season; Vix, who is not, unfortunately, the female counterpart to Fennix, but is instead ... like, Lynx 2.0. So would not rank high.

-Next, a skin that should have been on this list (I just missed it), but is so lame really who cares, King Flamingo. I mean, not a lot of options for bird fans, but this is still a no from me.

-Now for the actual Battle Pass skin that's furry, Kit, basically Meowscles Jr. in that's it's a regular cat-sized version of Meowscles except riding a motorcycle that is riding a robot. I like this one, actually.

-Okay, there also seems to be a new version of the Team Leader outfits (Metal Team Leader) that will pop up in the item shop sometime soon; it's a robot version, so I like it (but not a robot like the Mecha Team Leader) and pets finally made a return to the Battle Pass - kinda. Ohm is both a glider and a backbling, and is a mechanical owl ala Clash of the Titans's Bubo.

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Update on the Metal Team Leader; seems its exclusive to Fortnite: Save the World (i.e. the actual Fortnite game that kinda got ignored in favor of its last minute free add on versus mode).

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Update on the update; okay, the Metal Team Leader is only available to purchase in Save the World, but once purchased, is available in Battle Royale (the A.I. bots seem to like it ... or maybe Save the World players are really bad at Battle Royale, I dunno).

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The newest skin released for Fortnite is Axo the anthropomorphic axolotl. Since this a comment and not a Newsbyte and I'm allowed to editorialize a bit, I'll say it's adorable <3<3<3!

It has a tail, but you can optionally remove it. I'm going to have to take a few points off for that. Then add them back on. Then take them off again. Then ... etc. etc.

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Since axolotls regenerate, presumably you can just keep taking it off when it grows back and end up with extra tails!

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That's like saying you can keep taking their dicks and using them as dildos you're weird asf :| L bozo

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Also don't forget the Comfy Chomps and Cozy Chomps skins.

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You are right, fennix is the best

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You are wrong stfu, Fish stick on top, Fennix a little bitch compared to fish stick, the fishdick will tear that ass up bozo

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How about all the easter bunny skins? (Ex.Ceecee) i love those skins, in my opinion those ones are the best.

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Probably love them skins cause you fantasize about fuckin rabbits weird ass kid. Switch over to the FishStick Force before you are too far gone. Go touch some grass and come back to me after and then you can apply for the FishDick

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I crush on Dolph. I want his babies

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you should really think about ending your life if you want to have a video game characters kids. like cmon man that's outrageous. the Furry force is a bunch of noggers, Im making a KKK clan just for them. Gonna be the FishStick Force and they will fuck yall up with their fishdicks.

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yea ong, them mofos are some actual fags and need to go lick some "Cat"

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Why is fish stick so high on the board, he should be number one because he is the hottest fortnite character. No one likes furries we like fishies. I have a body pillow of fish stick and some nights he hangs out with me; He even has holes all over him and sometimes he likes to be rough. The fox skin is retarted, yes I used the R word, and im about to use the N word to finish this rant off, yall furries are a bunch of Noggers.

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Now Call of Duty is being called out for "Fortniteification" over furry Operator skins, including a new rabbit.

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someone should update

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That is on my to do list, and it's one of three sequel articles I'm planning on doing next year. Like, no deadline beyond personal, and that's January 1 ... 2025, so don't hold your breath, but, yeah, I plan on doing that.

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you missed a couple bruh

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If you look really hard you'll notice that the original post is from early 202p and in the replies OP mentions skins they missed lol

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Meanwhile, in Call of Duty you can be a pigeon, apparently. 🐦

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Man you are so wrong like that pink bunny thing is so trash and your whole list is messed up and your not a real fortnite OG also can we agree that Peely is the goat but I disagree with your whole list!!!

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who else disagrees with this mans list?

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Haiiii!! 4yrs late to this buut what's your opinion on Azuki (the siamese cat) skin?? No tail :( but I adore him!! :)

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He's alright, but I probably wouldn't buy him (I'm a fox guy and already got that covered), but I also haven't played in so long, I don't even know where he'd rank in the way more actually animal skins they've had since I had to quit.

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