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Which is the best Fortnite Pet?

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To go along with furry Fortnite skin ranking, rather than have a poll with 60 options, instead, let's rank the Fortnite Pets.

Here's a list with links for those who don't play the game or missed them or whatever but still love polls:

Bonesy the Dog
Camo the Chameleon
Dodger the Fox
Empress the Cat
Gunner the Dog (a.k.a. Ceedog)
Hamirez the Hamster
Kitsune the ... Two-Tailed Pterodactyl
Kyo the Robot Cat
Remus the Wolf
Scales the Dragon
Woodsy the Puppet Dog

Okay, now, like and subscribe and don't forget to use code wedontactuallyhaveafortnitecode in the Item Shop!

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Perhaps by the time the result is known, we can put the victor inside the "heavy-duty furry" Pelt Pack.

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Never played but looking through the links, Dodger is clearly the cutest. That's not to say there weren't some other good ones too.

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I don't play this game. I find it to be too new school in my opinion.

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It's about the only school running right now - everywhere else is in lockdown. No Last of Us 2 for you! Even Fortnite is delayed.

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I found with games these days I like to keep off the hamster wheel.

I have to kind of thank gaming companies for implementing microtransactions so aggressively. It made me realize that all video games are a time sink and I should be utilizing on other things.

I'll watch others play them if I care about the narrative beats of a game.

The only games I play these days are those I stream on my YouTube channel, in which I play furry games which does two things: 1) Gives me a swath of games I can review. 2) Allows me to experience games that other people haven't really covered in major depth.

Usually they don't have micro-transactions or other such modernisms either, which is a bonus.

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