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Bored? Got an internet connection? Play this game!

Googlewhacking, so named for the popular search engine it utilizes, is a game where the goal is to put two strange and or different enough words together, and have the search bring back only one page. One. It is very difficult, and very addicting.

Even if you don't get that elusive 'one' hit, you can find some very interesting things on the net that you never knew existed.



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Google whacking? That's so last month. The new new thing is Google Bombing :-)

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Of course, one could probably cheat at the game, by finding a zero-page combination, then putting said combination of words on a single page of one's own website, then wait for it to be indexed by Google.

But I wouldn't do that. Too honorable? Nah. (almost, though) Too lazy? Yup.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Not a particularly effective cheat either. I put up a personal web page about a month and a half ago (finally), and it has yet to be indexed by Google (a search on Dogpile didn't get any hits either).

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Fuschia Dermis

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