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Rumors spread: Sibe behind bars?

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It seems word is spreading over the newsgroups that Ross "Sibe" Reddick, wanted by quite a few artists and network admins for numerous counts of copyright violation, distribution of artwork, DoS attacks, and general script kiddie annoyances, has apparently landed himself in jail.

Now I must note that this claim has not been substantiated, and should be treated as rumor until someone can prove that the poster does in fact speak the truth..

According to a poster on AFF, Sibe took the poster's bank card (who apparently gave Sibe the pin #, which makes the whole story sound fishy. Why would you give someone like Sibe your pin number? But anyway...) obtained $500 from said poster's bank account, and went for a joy ride to Camas, WA (Sibe hails from Portland, OR), where he was apparently arrested. He faces assult and battery charges in Oregon, according to the poster. [mwalimu adds: The arrest was for auto theft.]

As a note, Sibe does have a file with the FBI, who has been watching his antics, with the help of several artists and server administrators..

Also, if anyone CAN substantiate these claims, fill us in! ;>



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I heard something about this, as I'm based out of Sutherlin, OR and I've got relatives up in Portland. From my information concerning the auto theft, he decked the guy he stole the car from and ran. And that's my question too, why would ANYfur give Sibe their pin #?

Don't quote me on any of this, I heard it third-hand...

Just a fur out west in the boonies, trying to help.

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As a note.. Now that it's morning, folks have called the county jail and have confirmed, Sibe DID spend the night in jail.. He's supposedly been released, but is broke with nowhere to go.. This report comes from Nexxus, who called the county jail..

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You get what you give.

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Yes, but no doubt he'll find someone to bail him out of this trouble. For some reason the lowlives of this world always find one more sucker to bail their arses out.

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Now the man who has made a game out of creating enemies finds he just might need some help. Gee....... guess community goodwill might be useful for something! Too bad Mr. "I-don't-care-what-you-think" doesn't have it.

I shouldn't enjoy hearing this... I shouldn't hope that the rumor isn't true... but I can't help it. It's just too amusing when the universe deals a boot to the head to someone who's been asking for it.

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