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FC2002: Charity Auction and other announcements

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The FC2002 Charity Auction

Further Confusion is just over two weeks away. The events are getting
ready; the panelists are studying; the artists are putting the final
touches on their paintings; and the folk of Tiger Touch and the Comic
Book Legal Defense Fund are hoping for your help.

Click Read More... for the rest of the announcement.

We're very proud of our two charities. Since 1990, the Comic Book
Legal Defense Fund has helped artists maintain their first amendment
rights. Since 1997, Tiger Touch has been helping to protect large
cats and their habitats.

However, they need your help. Could you donate working equipment
(especially computer equipment), artwork, comics, plush, or (general
audience) services to our charity auction? All money raised from your
donations will go directly to the two charities. If you can contact
me at 'chipuni [at] hypersurf [dot] com' with what you are donating, I
would especially appreciate it.

Regarding Sibe and FC 2002

Further Confusion has been staying quiet for a long time regarding the
person know as Sibe. While Further Confusion and AAE take banning someone
from the convention with the utmost gravity and is normally a matter between
that individual and the convention only, this specific situation required a
public statement.

Mr. Reddick has gone over the line, and has been asked not to attend FC2002.

If you see Mr. Reddick at Further Confusion this year, Please do not
confront him yourself, merely contact con-ops, and our staff will take care
of it.

/Leon Horne


/Chairman Further Confusion 2002


Further Confusion


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