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4 problems the list of problems Futurism has with Musk's furry curiosity has - as written by a furry

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It all started when SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made a strange tweet that was but one simple word. With that one utterance people started talking in the furry fandom. That word was “fur-curious”. A neologism that indicates that one is interested in fur activities though may not be one themselves. This came up when Elon was discussing a tweet about an article revolving large red squirrels found in India.

The furry fandom’s reaction was as mixed as the backgrounds of people that comprise it.

There are furries who are definitely Tesla fans and would more than likely welcome Musk with open arms: such as the lead administrator of SoFurry and this mouse guy name Twig who proudly shows himself plugging in his Telsa Model 3. However since they’re a Telsa employee, it might make it difficult to use the fandom as an escape from the grind if the boss dives into his hobby.

Those who are not interested in the eccentric billionaire were far more vocal in their concerns. Some of these are furries may have strong misgivings about the CEO’s behaviors surrounding labor unions. Or they may criticize appropriation of government funding for private ventures such as the Tesla solar facility in Buffalo, NY at the tune of 750 million. They also may have been put off by his brazen behaviors regarding a certain Thai rescue mission. Where Elon smeared one of those that rescued kids trapped in a cave as a pedophile when the British man who was able to save the children jibed at Musk who was “overthinking” a rescue solution. Detractors saw Elon’s child rescue plans as a publicity stunt for this company rather than a true act of altruism.

However, far more interesting was the reaction of one individual in the futurist community to Elon Musk’s furry fluff tweets. These communities are very eager to get into space, to plug their brain into the matrix, or maybe just having a world where renewable energy is the norm would be nice. They usually idolize their technology industry gurus. But furries are not space.

So they had one message for Mr. Musk: Get back to work.

The Futurists are rustled, and making lists

The article is a click-bait style article written by Futurism’s Jon Christian entitled 6 things Elon Musk could be doing instead of denying he is a furry. It’s a short piece whose sole purpose is to draw attention. So okay, I’ll bite.

First, the so-called list breaks a rule of numerical lists by being unnecessarily redundant. Their first point of the list, running his companies, is repetitive with the other points on the list which are sub-activities of the first point. For instance let’s say I made a list “3 ways to change your diet and live longer” and put in that list the following items:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Eat an apple a day
  3. Eat celery

As you can see, point two and three are covered by point one. So I could have just as easily wrote the sentence “eat more fruits and vegetables” and cut the list out entirely. Of course, then I couldn’t make my title have a number of things that would make it more attractive to the audience at large I suppose. The internet loves their lists, after all. So I guess it's my responsibility to give a better example of how to do a list properly properly. Let’s just call this “4 problems the list of problems Futurism has with Musk's furry curiosity has - as written by a furry”. This was point one by the way, sorry to dive you into a list without the proper introduction. I guess I'm messing this up already.

The bleak workaholic future of Futurism

Elon Musk Furcurious.jpg
My technical technicality grips aside, I’m a bit more concerned with the message that this article sends about concept of perpetual work and it’s growing prevalence in American society. Where we can work from home, but we are also expected to put in a full day in at the office. The American worker, for those who are working, are putting in increasing hours these days.

Heck, some of us crazy people do work in our free time like writing unnecessarily wrong articles about click-bait articles on the internet.

But of course Elon is the CEO, so it’s far more socially acceptable to tease the man about ‘hardly working’ when he does things in his free time. Or in the case of the fur-curious tweet, at 1:45 PM on a Wednesday, you got me there. Which is why most furs who saw this Futurism article had a laugh about it and moved on. Some of those very same furs are the same that noted that things for the common worker sucks because people are overworked.

This isn’t helped by the insistence that CEOs are some sort of prophets of profit either, and that all the time that person spends on this planet should be dedicated toward the pursuit of the investor dollar. It is that very idolatry and the amount of wealth derived from it that makes it seem like this expectation of the 24/7 worker is okay if they make over a certain amount of salary. Because while the wealth isn’t trickling down from the highest offices to the degree it should, the culture of workaholism is.

While we are here, it is also important to note that during break times where the brain is in a more restful state, you can sometimes come up with some strange ideas. Like when I was doing research for this article and was looking into a bunch of Tesla things, I saw this thing called a Solar Roof where Musk’s company had made solar panels into more aesthetically pleasing forms that take the shapes of traditional roof tiling. They are not as efficient as tradition panels, but they are smaller and pretty tough. They’re more a luxury item than practical in their current form. That sense of luxury is why most furries roll their eyes at this kind of technology. However, luxuries sometimes become standards given time and improvement. Your toilet for example.

But during this free time I was able to think that maybe Musk has another goal in mind with these Solar Roof tiles than just getting rich people a nice solar roof. The CEO could be tying it in with his space ventures, which also need ‘grid free’ power, because we can’t run wires through the atmosphere.

As a furry, what came to mind was the scales of a dragon. Would it be possible to make spacecraft that had tiles similar to these Solar Roof items to power its systems? It would cut down on expensive panel arrays if you could generate electric across the surface area of the vessel instead. Add the batteries similar to a more efficient Powerwall-like product developed by the company, then you can have your space vessel powered even if the Earth is between the craft and Sol.

Those thoughts came to myself thanks to this thing called “free time”. Sometimes you gotta sit and relax in an orchard to get lost in thoughts before that spark in the form of falling apples hits you. Don’t get me wrong, hard work has its place. The more you learn from doing in the workplace, the more inspiration you have to draw on with being creative with the tools and knowledge you acquire.

But if you work too hard you’ll experience burn-out. And people who are burned out are more likely to make slanderous statements about men who are free to rescue children in a foreign country while they are stuck in an office, helpless to do anything about it. A rested brain might have stopped such a person to think: “We’re all in this together, and we should celebrate those who step up to do the right thing, and it doesn’t have to be me all the time.”

Godlike Expectations

At the end of the day the CEO is but a mortal man. There is only so much they can control and deal with. Sure if the leader messes things up they should put in the time to fix those mistakes, but there are going to be certain elements out of their control. That’s why point 5 on futurism’s list is silly. So much so, I think I may be taking this list too seriously. Just maybe.

[Elon Musk could be dealing with] The constant strain of being held to account by the cruel and capricious media industry who hold him to the impossibly high standard that could only be fairly applied to someone capable of changing the universe’s technological paradigms . [They link to themselves here]

While this element may have been a point of tongue-in-cheek empathy and a poke at the media and themselves, it interestingly also could be taken seriously along with the other elements in this list. If that is the case it’s saying that Musk has to change the nature of the media industry and not just the technology one.

Trust me, no one can really stop people talking about other people. You can attempt to do so and try to become a dictator who calls the press the enemy of the people and jail them. But then all you’d accomplish is journalists complaining about being locked up. So journalists are going to complain, it’s kind of their thing.

So how do you deal with a press constantly bothering you? Well you read other news that isn’t taking about you in some strange annoying third person discussion where people are talking at each other and not to each other (don’t look at me like that). Instead you can read news about giant red squirrels in India, which you joke are probably just people in costumes, which leads to furries, which leads to the original tweet we are complaining about.

So yes, Elon Musk’s tweeting may have been actually him dealing with the thing you stated in point five. By consuming news that he felt wasn’t nagging at him and in essence promoting animal news stories.

But it also had another side-effect of drawing a type of attention on social media, which brings me to my final point.

Musk’s social media activity works as a quasi-ad

There is also another possibility that Futurism didn’t think about, and that is Musk was working when he said the word fur-curious, and this is where we move on from the technical to the social. Futurism considered the tweet as wasted effort by Musk that didn’t help him or his company in any way. But I think at this point it’s obvious why it was well worth the effort of a one word tweet.

Remember how I said that I was researching Tesla and then had some strange dragon-scaled solar-powered spaceship fantasies? Well, there’s more to that statement then the fact I’m a bit eccentric. It also shows that with one tweet Elon Musk got at least one person to start looking into their products and the direction of their companies more closely. For better and for worse.

It was at that time I came to the realization that with that tweet I was suddenly looking at their products and what their company was all about. So in a sense that one small tweet was an effective advertisement of Tesla at the furries. And furries acted like one normally would when advertised to: reject, accept, or become curious. Clearly his fur-curious-ness had made me Tesla-curious. It got me thinking about the future of technology, which if I ever wanted to write science fiction could be useful.

Now, through that research I found I’m not quite in the place to invest in such hefty products myself, and it would not be in my financial interest. My auto has about 5 more years in it yet, and my roof probably has that if not more.

In speaking of autos, seriously $2,000 for a coat of red paint on the Model 3? Oh, sorry, a ‘multi coat’? Here furries get mocked for wearing animal suits at that price. At least we can do more with that then to make our car look marginally sexier. Black paint is the one color that comes at no additional cost.

I guess I could get solar panels, if I wanted to get anything. Getting paid for the electric that my house would generate while I’m in the office all day would be nice. But technology continues to improve at such a rate that I feel assessing and waiting would be best for me and continuing to find ways to make marginal improvements to energy efficiencies in the household. Cells may be far more efficient in a few years, so waiting for the innovation curve to peak would be sound in my mind. Government grants may lapse by that time, however.

Okay, yes, we get it, I did get a bit green-curious and started investigating things I wouldn't have otherwise.

Many are going to, rightfully so, point out that what I’m doing right now could be seen as quasi-advertising for Tesla simply because Musk said the word fur-curious. And that’s the insidious part of this phenomenon. Being part of the conversation can be flattering. It gets into your head. You start thinking about the future, the opportunities you have in the present and if there is action you can take to make the world better and maybe through that be happier yourself. But will the stuff really make you happier once you have it, or will you be regretting your resulting indebtedness?

That’s why being an educated consumer is important, especially as the fandom continues to grow and people realize our eccentric lot does have a sense of community and that some of us have some expendable income. The kind of income that gets you to a hotel room in a distant city for a weekend party. We sometimes forget that some aren’t even blessed to have that. It’s the kind of income that can donate tens of thousands to charitable causes annually. Salesmen are gonna want a piece of that pie. It can be easy to get lost in the excitement of cool gadgets, but only you can assess if buying certain products are right for your situation.

Remember, other companies are selling solar panels and electric cars as well, so be sure to shop around when it comes to such future commitments if you wish to buy those kind of things.


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"4 problems the list of problems Futurism has with Musk's furry curiosity has - as written by a furry"


4 problems with this list about Elon Musk?

The bizarre editing of this article (and minimal relevance of a lame-ass billionaire's tweet) makes me suggest to boil it down to "stop hyping CEO's - billionaires don't deserve free fandom", and make that clearer by chopping 2/3 of the brainfarty stuff.

Hope that helps. Don't get mad and tell the cops I might be a mass shooter!

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Speaking of brain farts and poor editing, this comment was better without that odd last sentence.

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Ah, that gives it more context. Didn't even hear about that one.

Let's hope the Musk's fur-curiosity isn't on par with his employee curiosity.

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I am not holding my breath for him. He's a real douchebag by all accounts.
I think the furry fandom would do well without him.
There's too many furries that aspire to be like him, as it is.

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I was led to believe that this was fake news. So it was true then?
I don't partake in social media so it would perhaps be relevant if some screenshots of where this took place, could be added to the article please, where the actual utterance was made because I am not clicking those links.
Sorry to be a pain, I just don't do social media.

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Screenshots can be faked. The very first link in the article is a publicly viewable tweet that hasn't been deleted as of yet, verified by Twitter's https certificate on the page and Elon's Twitter-verified handle for the account. Same information as a screenshot, no need for a sign-in, cryptographically authenticated primary source. Trust this more than a screenshot.

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Imagine unironically spending this much time discussing the intricacies of some dude's decision to be fur-curious. God, and I thought my life was a waste. I only wish I could be paid pennies on the hour for writing down my deeply asinine inner monologues.

Your rating: None Average: 1 (3 votes)

Imagine unironically discussing how ironic your own post is. But God, wouldn't that be a waste of life? Anyway, you probably could make a few bucks writing something, somewhere. Yes, even your own asinine inner monologues might just be of value to someone, somewhere. But it's so much easier to complain, in a way that has absolutely no possibility of bringing anything of value to anyone, anywhere, isn't it? Look, the dude's article was inoffensive overall, which to some folks would be a disappointment if they just comment to be angry and offended and complain. But it didn't stop you from being angry and offended and finding an excuse to comment anyway so what exactly is your complaint?

Oh right, you said you thought your life was a waste. Ironic eh?!

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Pennies on the hour? You overestimate my income sir. I've made $0.00 on both my YouTube channel and this writing for Flayrah. My only payment is your disappointment.

Which if we could draw the energies of furries complaining about content they don't pay for, we could probably power the universe. I guess that may be quite the boon for someone looking to solve an energy crisis. Unfortunately we haven't figured out how to do that yet, maybe Musk can find a way.

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I was gonna say earlier, wait, people who write for Flayrah actually get paid?! Then I realized nah, dude's just an idiot. I'd like to see the fandom have more paying gigs though. Like, when you speculated Elon Musk might've mentioned fur-curious for PR reasons, I can't even describe how little chance I think there is of that, but here's the thing. We already make money, as furries, from outside the fandom, be that through YouTube or Twitter or whatever, and those sites are benefiting economically from that albeit in pretty "drop in the bucket" amounts I'd imagine. But yes, people have noted for years the ridiculous amounts of money we'll spend on each others wares. And it seems kind of sad to me that seemingly every other site on the modern internet can monetize furries for their benefit but furries can't monetize their own sites for the benefit of mainstreaming ourselves only as much as we want to.

I guess it'd take a rich asshole in the fandom to realize that but nah, that'd never happen.

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Both of you nerds need to get off the internet and destroy your keyboards before an experienced chad, such as myself, comes along and does it for you.
Look at you addlepatted simpletons, writing whole essays to defend yourselves when I couldn't care less: I'm far too busy huffing my own farts, you see.
Go fuck yourselves, you wordy nerds. I don't really need to say anything else because by this point I've already torn you one ancillary asshole apiece. Goodbye and enjoy.

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I mean .... If you are so amazing and above us then what are you doing making a comment on an article of this nature? Heck, why are you even reading it? Hahahah admit it, you are here looking for drama, don't even pretend like you live high up on some mighty throne overlooking us little people.

Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (4 votes)

I think the key word here is "pretend". The guy is literally calling himself a chad, which no actual chad would do, and making it a point to say things that scream "internet tough guy". I'm not sure why, but probably to mock the slightly more subtle versions of that here or maybe to imply that me and Sonius are no better.

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You're sorely mistaken, nerd. You don't even have the social grace of a pseudo-chad, but I do. I also have an eight inch long penis, and I say that with absolute sincerity. With it, I pleasure women in ways heretofor unseen as I intercourse their women holes to the max.
That's the difference between you and I. I get to boast about the length of my peepee online, and you have to sit in shame, weeping at the iniquity of your impossibly less impressive peckers. Weep, nerds.

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Jesus troll.. you’re doing it all wrong.
Who the hell these days brags about their dick.. is that you, Ryan?

Your rating: None Average: 1 (4 votes)

Well, that's a good question actually. The answer, of course, is not you, because you can't brag about the size of your dick. Please see the above paragraph for more details.

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You’re funny...I just know mine is bigger than yours.. even in thickness and length. However the need to brag escapes me.
Show us some man sausage then, at least we can the judge and validate you claims.

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Interesting, I happen to know for a fact my dick is at least three times the size of your dick, and could, if need be, swallow it all the way down my urethra.
I will vore your dick, nerd. You aren't prepared to witness my size, for such a sight will only cause you to shrivel further and hasten your cock's descent down my pisshole. You have been warned.

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We got it, you're a pair of dicks, thank you.

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Woah, don't drag the other guy into this you unironically feeble dork. This other guy's damn near broke his fingers typing paragraphs to save your skinny, stereotypically white ass, and all you can do is criticize.
I now declare the other guy an honorary chad. Join me, brother. For we have a most dorkaliciously nerdy boy here and last I checked, his undies weren't lodged farther up his ass than a turd, nor was his face soaked in putrid filth from a glorious swirlie.
We're coming for you, nerd.

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Just a bit of advice, the trolls are best left in an un-fed state.
Cut off the nourishment like the oncologist does with the cancer, so that it can die and fall off.

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That was definitely the most well written smack down on the internet. Good job my dude. 10/10. Your mother would be proud

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Elon Musk could be a Furry to SpaceX and beyond if it istrue Musk will be will welcome in the fandom...

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Wtf is this garbage, why is this in my news feed

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Hellooo there..this is the central scrutinizer..
This shit is in your newsfeed because a celebrity boss, is admitting to furfaggotry..
The furfag community at large is always seeking public validation... so this becomes front page news

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Speaking of public validation, why are you still here, and now giving yourself faux titles?

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Because I can.. you’re stuck with one name... hmm that was not so smart hey?

Your rating: None Average: 4 (3 votes)

Oh, no, you can totally change your own screenname at any time here.

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But if he did he would lose out on all-important attention from furfags yo

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If Musk was a furry, then the fandom would have a rich asshole in it. And that's never happened.

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You have never heard of the dude who pays for like 98% of the macro Sonic porn then have you?

Your rating: None Average: 1 (3 votes)

WTH has Sonic got to do with this?!?
You are also wrong.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)

Nothing wrong specifically with Sonic, but there is a super big heart surgeon in the fur fandom who has single handedly commissioned well over 80% minimum of all macro Sonic fan art

Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)

Okay, I have to admit, I'm curious. Two kinks I totally do not get the appeal of, macro and Sonic Universe characters. And not for a lack of trying either, just, no one has ever been able to give me a straight answer. Who knows, maybe finding out about the guy who combines the two will, um, magically solve this mystery for me!

Okay not gonna lie, seeing a giant Knuckles banging the master emerald would be hilarious too. If it's really that much you know there's gotta be one in there.

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A lot of what is out there, on the 'net, I find rather disturbing.
Stuff that is really disturbing to me falls in the categories of making Sonic female, and then of course, all the bullshit this furry fandom is infamous for, including poop and diapers.

I don't get it, I honestly don't. However the Sonic fandom is about to survive a trial by fire- yes I am referring to that heap of cowpile stink movie that's coming out, portraying Sonic as a naughty little Yeti/sasquatch/wtf-is-that-thing.

So all things being more or less equal, the Sonic fandom will probably survive the furry invasion.
All in all its about what you, as an individual can take from it and enjoy.
Someone mentioned above, that they stand on the fringe, well, that's a really good way to handle any fandom.. because if you get sucked in, it's like being sucked into the airplane toilet, you'll end up full of feces, and pretty much anything disgusting.

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I haven't been reading any of your posts, but I just read this one, in which you appear to be saying that the horrific upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie is going to instigate a previously unheard-of overlap of the Sonic and furry fandoms, and I just have to say,


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I am sorry I don't know what you're on about.

Your rating: None Average: 2.4 (5 votes)

That's because it was an utterly pointless reply. Which would be easy enough to just ignore if Equivamp wasn't one of those people that has this compulsion to just poke at people for no damn reason when they do it rather than announce their presence for its own sake in a more benign way. It's probably a good 75% of what she does in the comments section and honestly I'm trying to be generous with that estimate.

If there had been a point though, it'd have been a fair one. The Sonic fandom is definitely its own, self-contained thing but it does overlap with the furry fandom and has for probably at least as long as the internet has had real graphics. I'm pretty sure even FurNation had Sonic fan-art and OCs IIRC.

I guess the movie could possibly give it a shot in the arm though, assuming the Sonic fandom has shrunk after so many years of so many bad games, the comic getting cancelled, etc.

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I am sorry, what?
Firstly I have no idea what you mean by "macro"
Secondly there's nobody in the Sonic fandom that fits the description at all.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

Macro is when you have a character that is like, King Kong/Godzilla size and just as often as not isn't doing anything overtly sexual in whatever the scene is. So for me, part of the confusion is, what part(s) are supposed to be the turn-on and what part is just there for the sake of depicting the character/setting. Vore and crush are two kinks that often get combined with macro, and on the more "vanilla" side of things, a character might be literally fucking a skyscraper. And again, I'm pretty much lost as to what the appeal is.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

I always thought it appealed to those with poor eyesight and a dislike of glasses.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

Your rating: None Average: 1.3 (4 votes)

OK great, that means I've been spared the horror or I am just not interested in it / does nothing for me. I am also then lost as to what the appeal is.
I see very little artwork like that in my little corner of the universe, either because I am either filtering it out mentally or I don't care.

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I have. My impression of him is that he's not an asshole actually, but in either case, my post was sarcasm.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (4 votes)

Never say never, whatever you do.

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This kinda crap is the reason that for 12 years as a fur I've stayed around the fringe and tried to not draw attention to myself. Id rather just look in and watch the world burn than be the one on fire.

Your rating: None Average: 4 (5 votes)

So, I'm honestly curious, here, was that final metaphor on purpose?

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

Not a reply to Equivamp, just the other two because I don't want to have to post this twice:


At least I really hope so.

I mean come on, someone wouldn't say that unironically would they?
Your rating: None Average: 2 (2 votes)

Psh, I would actually. I don't have high expectations of most people that I don't know. People are capable of all levels of air headedness

Your rating: None Average: 2 (4 votes)

You are not entirely incorrect. There are a few rich assholes I know of, two in fact.
I don't think this is the right place to name-drop (for various reasons) BUT, they do exist, they're just incredibly rare

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This isn't really a complaint as much as something that just left me scratching my head. This barely qualifies as a furry article and, well, that's something I'm okay with. But what's the bare-minimum of furry content a Flayrah article needs to have and how is that judged?

Anyway, Elon Musk pretty obviously narcissistic. A lot of his type are. And I think that's what's really behind a lot of this because he can't hide it nearly as well as others like him.

But if you work too hard you’ll experience burn-out. And people who are burned out are more likely to make slanderous statements about men who are free to rescue children in a foreign country while they are stuck in an office, helpless to do anything about it. A rested brain might have stopped such a person to think: “We’re all in this together, and we should celebrate those who step up to do the right thing, and it doesn’t have to be me all the time.”

I bolded that last part because that's the crux of it, though not the whole of it. You're mostly right about a rested mind being a more stable one. But there's a lot of unstable people (I should know, I've been there) who simply don't say things like that just because someone told them, as an expert, that they're overthinking something that he (Musk) is not an expert on. Anyone else would want to just let that person do their job. It's not because someone else is out there being a hero and he's stuck in an office. It's because he wants the glory that comes with being a hero without actually having to be one, thinking that directing traffic from an office is just as good, and that's why he gets so offensively indignant when he's shot down. Was it a PR stunt? Yeah, in a sense, but for Musk himself and not necessarily his company. The company is an extension of his ego, and he is just one of the more famous examples of this, and that's where this entire "trickle down overwork" culture you refer to really comes from. It's about control. If your employees are made to feel essentially married to you, like they live and die by your grace alone, not only do they not have time to, say, explore other career options, but you also get to feel incredibly important. And Musk wants to feel exceptional. It shouldn't be some random Britfuck rescuing those insignificant human photo-ops, it should be him!

So, the phrase "we're all in this together", when spoken by someone like him really means "you're all on my team, and on my side", and if there really is no "I" in this team it's because it just doesn't happen to be used in spelling his name. And that's how he felt. He was already part of this operation in his mind and his "colleague" wouldn't just know his place and let the real leader do the leading and so, yeah, he chimped. Hard.

At the end of the day the CEO is but a mortal man. There is only so much they can control and deal with.

An unfortunate reality is much of what makes the difference between you, me, and a CEO, is that you and I don't need a shrink to tell us that, while they often have an army of shrinks over the course of their life either trying a thousand different ways of telling them that, or knowing they can't but saying to themselves, "stroke a billionaire's ego and get a bit richer myself? Fuck it, I'd be stupid not to."

Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)

But what's the bare-minimum of furry content a Flayrah article needs to have and how is that judged?

Barely any at all.

(If you think you have something interesting, submit it. The worst the editors can say is 'no'.)

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

It should at the very least be included in some way shape or form.

But we also have a history accepting animal/human interaction stories like the Ohio exotic animal situation a few years back, though as the furry fandom has grown we don't do much coverage on that like we used to because there wasn't as much down time.

I'm kind of trying to get one article a week up here.

In hindsight going up to the opening would have been 'good enough' to describe the situation and the rest could have been cut for sure as it went a bit tangential.

Your rating: None Average: 2.3 (3 votes)

Dude, no, it's a good article

Your rating: None Average: 1 (6 votes)

Let’s not forget your stuff flies, ergo the editorial bar is pretty low

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^ This

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If you can believe it, it's gotten way better this decade.

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This article is 100X better when you're stoned. So are the shitposts. LOL what the fuck even is a Chad?

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I think he meant to say "Chav", obviously spelling wasn't his strongest suite. Comes across as British.

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LOL that's pretty awesome whether you're joking or not. I think from now one we should respond to all the obvious/fail trolls by speaking Britishese.

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Uh, okay, you two.

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What was the point of that? Are you calling us gringos falling from the sky? Monkeys who need to be put in a cage?

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All the cool people are British! But no, a chad is something else.

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Thank you, consider myself further educated.

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I love how people see being into catgirls as some form of solidarity. I guess everyone with a bodypillow is a potential playboy billionaire now. Funny how people worship others simply because they have money. Just goes to show you that most people deserve to be trampled like animals, for a lack of better word.

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This all sounds insane.

Well, I'll be...

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