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Heinlein Chair at USN Academy

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Robert A Heinlein is a well-known and popular author. But what even the hardcore fans often don't know is that he graduated from the US Naval Academy (class of 29.) Now the Academy has created an Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering to honor him and to provide "vision and direction for the USNA's astronautical engineering curriculum, our small satellite program, and our satellite ground station."

Heinlein was one of the writers present at the beginning of SF's Golden Age, and one of the few to include real-world physics in his writing. His vision of how to leave terra [orbital station, improve engine tech, go to the moon, improve engine tech, create bases on NEO asteroids, improve engine tech...] inspired the current space program and influenced its direction.

Anyone with a strong background in designing, building, testing, launching, and operating (RL) spacecraft along with demonstrated research ability, a strong commitment to teaching, and excellent communication skills is welcomed to apply. You should include a resume, transcripts, description of past achievements, and three references.

Heinlein Chair Search Committee

Aerospace Engineering Dept. Stop 11B

590 Holloway Rd.

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, MD 21402-5025


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