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ConFurence SURPRISE Guest!

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Just confirmed today, ConFurence 2002 is pleased to announce a surprise guest for this year's Convention:

Booth Colman, Movie and Television Actor

Booth Colman is best known as the antagonist orangutan Protector of the Faith, "Dr. Zaius," in the Planet of the Apes TV Series.

Mr. Colman will be attending ConFurence 2002 on Friday April 26 and Saturday, April 27 with his own table in the Dealer's Room.

Memberships to ConFurence 2002 will be only $45 at-the-door. Hotel guests in our room block may purchase a discounted at-door membership for only $35.

Daily shopper's-only passes will be available for $15 but will only permit access to the Dealer's Room on the same day purchased, and not to any other function space in the convention. If, after viewing the dealer's room you wish to purchase a full membership, the full cost of your Shopper's Pass may be applied toward that purchase.

The Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center is located directly across the street and just a few hundred yards from the main terminal at Burbank Airport. Standard rooms are $99 per night for one or two guests, and Suites are $135 per night. 3rd and 4th guests are an additional $20 per night.

Contact the Hilton at 818-843-6000 and use the event code "ConFurence", or go online to Hilton.Com and use the 3-letter Group code "COG" to get the correct rates.

Have your reservation confirmation number handy when you go to the at-door Registration desk to purchase your membership at the discounted price. The discount is available to everyone whose name is on the reservation.


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"Dr. Zaius"

Ape: Help, the human's about to escape.

Troy: Get your paws off me, you dirty ape.

Ape: [gasping] He can talk!

Apes: [in unison, rythmed] He can talk

He can talk

He can talk

He can talk

He can talk

He can talk

Troy: [singing] I can siiiiiing!

[funky beat of "Rock Me Amadeus" starts playing]

Female Nurse Ape: Ooh, help me Dr. Zaius!

Apes: [in unison] Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Oh... Dr. Zaius

Ape: Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius.

Troy: What's wrong with me?

Zaius: I think you're crazy.

Troy: Want a second opinion.

Zaius: You're also lazy.

Apes: [in unison] Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius

[one ape starts breakdancing]

Oh... Dr. Zaius

Ape: Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius.

Troy: Can I play the piano anymore?

Zaius: Of course you can.

Troy: Well I couldn't before!

[plays piano]


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There's a quote from "The Simpsons" for every occasion, isn't there?

ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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Ah, the opinionated rodent is back. Let's see, shall we. Hmmm, we have Dr. Zaius as a promissed guest to a furry con. *blinks* Okay, rewind for a second... When did furry cons become more and more like sci-fi cons?

Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's a GREAT thing, to be honest. In fact, I think the fandom would do well to eliminate some of the deadwood cons we have now. But, here's my problem, people. Why, prey tell, is the fandom STILL refusing to join the rest on the sci-fi/fantasy world?

See, there are some BIG conventions for ALL of sci-fi/fantasy (Such as NorWesCon in Seattle, or DragonCon in Atlanta.), and yet the amount of furs that go to them is very small. Is it because of the crowds? The happy people all milling about? The fact there is so much to see and do?

To answer my own question, the USUAL answer that I'm told is "They'll make fun of us!". Hmmm, I have yet to be made fun of at this style of convention, to be honest. Trust me, if it's between the cute boy or girl wearing cat ears & a cat tail or the drunken klingons... Well, most people tend to not have problems with furs.

So, I am going to tell my fellow furs now, the next time a big mega-con is happening, please go. We need to build up the acceptance and tollerance between us and the other fandoms. After all, they went thru the media hazing at their birth, too. And it'd be fun, too. Ah, well.... That's enough for now...

F*ck the majority, I'm the EXTREME minority!

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