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ConFurence needs Videographers

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(Posted from CFStaff forum. Original message by David Bliss on 4/16/2002)

Are you planning to come to ConFurence 2002 armed with a video camera? I am again attempting to coordinate video taping for the official highlights tape.

As I am also running a dealers table there is only so much I can cover myself. Not to mention there will be up to five tracks of programming running at any one time. It would be nice to know that others are covering important events such as Meet the Guests and the Artist Jam.

If you just want to wander around grabbing shots of whatever catches your eye that is fine too. But please give me a chance to copy your tapes either at the con (there will be equipment on site) or afterwards. Please email me at or drop by the Rivercoon Arts table in the dealers room if you would like to help out.

David Bliss
ConFurence 2002 Event Video Coordinator

(Posted here by Darrel L. Exline, Chairman, ConFurence 2002)
[ConFurence 2002: Furry Noir]


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

........... This is awfully late to be asking for videographers and display contributions. It makes one wonder about the general state of planning, or lack thereof, in ConFurence.

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