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Have you had convention plans altered by COVID-19?

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Dronon and I were going to be at Furnal Equinox.

Would have been my first time out of the United States, but apparently it didn't want me leaving... the psycho.

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It turns out my complete lack of social interaction outside of what is strictly necessary means I have been training for this pandemic my entire life!

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Not yet, but I'd be surprised if the UK cons held out much longer. They're hoping for more support from the government (if only through an official ban), but whether it'll be forthcoming I don't know. Perhaps next week? Events in April and May have to put orders in. Heck, I have Wild North booked for September, and now I'm unsure if I should buy train tickets. I guess I'll see in July/August.

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I hope CFz isn't cancelled, but it is looking more likely as time goes on with other events such as in sport being cancelled too.

But maybe the end of May might just be far away enough that we can get away with it. >_>

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I'm worried about the other conventions that are not on the coronavirus list.

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My convention plans are all for later in the year, far enough out to wait and see how the COVID-19 situation develops between now and then. I had debated about working in another convention during the spring or early summer (GFM was a contender) but hadn't firmed up any plans, and now that's pretty much off the table.

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Nothing has been altered just yet. The convention I want to go to is in the second half of the year, so we'll still have to still have to see how this all plays out. I've had plenty of other plans disrupted though. This year was meant to have several bits of travel and events and now they are all cancelled or on alert.

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As they say, "the situation is highly dynamic". For example, Germany just outlawed non-work/home meetings of two or more people. Forget about furmeets, let alone conventions! Sure, EF is five months away, but that goes quick – and the more successful isolation is, the longer it'll need to last. Perhaps a treatment will be found, but then how to get enough of it?

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I deiced Unless there is a vaccine or COVID-19 is officially burnt out I will not be attending any conventions. It bad enough I have to were a mask during the cons due to lack of hygiene (people not covering their mouths when coughing or attending while sick). I had a friend came up to me, just after I recover form a bad bronchitis that sent me to the ER, cough in my direction, next Monday I was in urgent care. COVID-19 could send me to be with the Lord.

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Stay safe out there

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