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Cat Killing is OK as Art?

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Two Men were freed from jail after torturing and killing a cat, under the grounds of it being "performance art"

Story hereThis is a sad sad day for people like me who generaly believe in almost any form of communication or artisitc expression. To say this was an anti-animal cruelty piece is a lie and shame to both animal lovers and art students everywhere. These sickos should be shot.



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That makes me cry...

They way the killed the cat is disturbing...

Poor thing.

Ok, I'm going to go cry now...

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If, like me, any of you live in Toronto or even just Ontario, write your municipal and provincal representatives protesting this decision and asking for hard-line laws on animal cruelty.

One handwritten letter is weighted as representing 10,000 votes. In a city of 3 million, even a few of these make an impact.

Keep letters polite, short, and to the point (they get filed under a single topic, so write multiple letters if discussing multiple topics).

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Stupid, pointless, and cruel. And they call it art? Well... then they should be willing to suffer for it just like artists and at least as much as the cat did... more actually! Anyone got the link to the "real" story somewhere... if so, then please post it. Thank you.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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I'm glad I haven't eaten anything recently, because that story would make me lose it. 8/

Can I make an artistic statement by doing away with him in the same fashion? I feel that would certainly have at least as much merit as a social/philosophical statement.

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Okay, let's look at this another way. Let's say, perchance, that this group of men took a small female child and killed her by these means. Stripped her nude and then mangled her body until she finally died. These people would be dead, no questions asked.

Yet, and this is the interesting thing, these people chose to first attack a cat. Thier punishment? A slap on the wrist. Let me remind people, though, that almost all mass-murders, psychopaths, and rapists STARTED on small animals before moving onto people. If I lived up in Canada, I'd keep an eye on those men.

On my usual side note, it's also sick that these people claim this to be art. Now, I have participated and viewed some extreme artistic events. But this... This was NOT art. This was lawyer talk to get off two VERY sick individuals who need counciling more than punishment. As I said, I, for one, will not be surprised if I hear they kill again, and that this time it's a person...

F*ck the majority, I'm the EXTREME minority!

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"[...]These sickos should be shot."

They should not be shot. They should be gutted with a rusty broadsword and strangled with their own entrails.

Whilst being fed their own eyeballs.

I apologize for the gruesomeness of this post, but those...I can't even think of a word strong enough to describe them...have it coming.

I am sorry for being so graphic, but what they did was inexcusable. I just...



Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Yes it's a tragedy that the poor beast was killed, but no one can say they didn't see this coming. Have you ever checked out what passes for performance art? With acts of pedophilic rape being simulated, torturing some poor beast was just a matter of time. I'm suprised it took this long.

I also have to wonder, say, just how many of the elderly were mugged or how many kids were raped on the day the poor wittle kitty died -- and how many of you people sobbing your hearts out would actually give a damn if you heard about those cases.

Yes, punish these social retards, but if you think that the loss of an animal, no matter how cute, is comparable to the loss of a human being, then you need your head examined.

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If I heard of a human being killed in this same fashion, I would feel nearly the same.

Why nearly? Why not exactly, or more? Because domestic animals are innocents, bred by us, under our protection. Humans are equipped to make their own way - animals are at our mercy, so to speak, and it is that much more of a tragedy when that position is abused.

My personal reaction is pretty much on the level of what I would feel if a parent did that to their child, or spouse to their mate. And, yes, personally it is comparable, directly so, because I relate to and care for animals as deeply as I do for humans. I've been told I need my head examined before, so I'm not worried about being told so again by an Anonymous. As the saying goes, "Bite me."

Also, most of us - not just furries, but people in general - hear so much about human/human violence that it's somewhat blasse. Sure, it sucks, but we've heard it so many times before that we're numb - we've got our defenses up. We can't cry out hearts out every time we hear of a murder or other victimization, simply out of self defense - we'd always be crying. This crime is so unusual that it bypasses those defenses, and the full brunt of it hits us with our guards down.

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You need to understand something: Cats are still living, sentient entities, they represent life as well, and all life is precious, whether it is animal or human...

... ... Do you understand what I am saying?


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Most of the people objecting appear to agree that this ought to be as unacceptable as killing a human in the same fashion. That this can be excused as 'art,' but the torture and murder of a human certainly would not be, is absolutely unforgivable.

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Re: what some have said here too, I care as much towards animals as I do people. The previous poster is right -- All life is precious. Animals are NOT here for us to do whatever we want to do to them.

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It's amazing what these individuals will try to pass off as art. I come from the UK, and they're even trying to pass off (something like) dead cows in presevation liquid as art, or even more ridiculous a room with a light that switches on and off is supposed to be art. Truly incredible what people will try to sell as "art".....!

Killing cats for art is just as sick and ridiculous as hunting (eg fox hunting). RE what the first person said, these sickos *should* be shot. This is absolutely disgusting, I wonder how it can happen and be allowed in a supposedly modern & civilised socitey?!

Now we know just how low some people will go .... :(

Evil b******. Sorry, I apologise for my swearing.


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Hunting wrong?


I do eat what I kill and for the record foxes are not on the list. Only reason I would have for shooting a fox is if it is trying to eat the pets.

No other way to really get a good Quail or Venison dinner!

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals! :P

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I agree - hunting, TRUE hunting, is certainly justified, and is a far cry from this atrocity. One person (zoo) said once, "If I can't kill cleanly and quickly, I don't shoot." Amen. People who eat meat, and perhaps even those who benefit from animal products in any way, have no business attacking hunters - a free animal brought down by a quick hunter's shot lives and dies with much more dignity and much less pain than most domestics we keep for meat and products.

Integration, not separation, with the ecology. We're part of it, not above it. Good stewardship, IMHO, goes hand-in-hand with participation in the natural cycle.

*steps down off soapbox*

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/wavies a little flag/

gah. Just a quick tidbit, I submitted this story, so i suppose i should comment/explain my opinion as well.

First off, being a art student and a wide liberal, it takes a lot to make me upset. Even if I don't like something, if you can rationalize or justify it I will not get on your back, to each their own. However, as someone earlier said earleir, perhaps i have grown to used to human on human violence. Hell, i know i have, often I find it funny as well as disturbing. Howvere, in my eyes animal abuse is akin to child abuse, you are deliberatly hurting someone/thing who cannot defend themselves that well if at all, cannot speak, cannot cry for help. something smaller (generally0 and weaker than you, which is why this is, inmho more digusting than say a young man stabbing another in a bar fight or something. I'm not saying humans killing humans is alright, but I'm saying that at the core of it to me the cat killing is more vile purely because of the lopsided nature of the event. Anyways, it wasn't so much the killing that bothered me, it did, terribly, I almsot threw up, but that and the fact that they passed it as art. I felt ashamed for others like myself who belive in performace communication. Maybe in some twisted way these fellows trully believe in what they were doing, but despite that, it is still horribly wrong.

gah. I'm rambling now.


sincerely, Darkvolf

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I dunno. The Don Jail is a stinking rat hole, (no offence intended

to any rats out there), that would net the government several

centuries in jail if it kept dogs there instead of criminals. A year

in there just might be punishment enough. Not that my heart is

bleeding for either of those two...

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Those bastards! They should be hung for that! Art, keh. As if. >>

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