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Newsbytes archive for July 2020

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, BlindWolf8, dronon, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: New lockdown occupations include foster mother for a scurry of small Sciuridae.

GreenReaper: Drop bears may pass into legend within 30 years, due to loss of habitat in wildfires and drought, ongoing land clearances, and a marked reduction in their prey: tourists with non-Australian accents.

dronon: (Satire) Artist not accepting furry commissions must be absolutely loaded.

GreenReaper: Animals face renewed workplace discrimination as many UK outlets refuse to stock oil/water products from coconuts picked by trained Thai pigtailed macaques, despite compelling productivity benefits.

GreenReaper: North-eastern Indian state with cool snake name bans dog meat imports, trading and sale after social media outrage sparked by dogs bound in sacks at a wet market.

dronon: The winner and honorable mentions of the 2020 Good Furry Award!

BlindWolf8: A neural network generated a bunch of mutated-looking new animals.

InkyCrow: Browse through a library of historic printed material at ConFurence's online archive.

2cross2affliction: Four years on, and Zootopia is still trouncing superheroes at the box office.

Rakuen Growlithe: Lucky visitor to the Kruger National Park captures video of a leopard stalking and pouncing for a cheetah.

GreenReaper: Crab for a cure? The price of testing remains the blood of innocents - at least, in the Land of the Free.

dronon: Announcing Harvest Moon Furfest, the fandom's first BIPOC-led convention! (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.) To be held on a large campground in Maryland, aiming for Fall 2022. People of all backgrounds are welcome to attend and help volunteer!

Sonious: Redwulf shares her experiences with COVID-19 using furry illustrations.

GreenReaper: Wild European hamsters at risk of extinction by 2050, with loss of meadows and other man-made disturbances believed to be factors in decreased birth rate.

GreenReaper: Pine martens' return to Forest of Dean heralded as a success, after at least three reintroduced females give birth to kits.

GreenReaper: Fur is murder, as farmed mink face an early death after coronavirus infection - likely by humans.

GreenReaper: If you ever had a burning desire to see the inside of an Australian bilby's pouch, now's your chance, as conservationists demonstrate the success of a fenced breeding area in New South Wales.

2cross2affliction: A look at professional sports mascots, with statistical breakdowns of the what, who and where of mascots and their performers.

BlindWolf8: AI and furries collide yet again in new internal Disney tool.

Sonious: Netflix announces Aggretsuko Season 3 premiering on August 27th.

BlindWolf8: A typo caused Cyclops of X-Men to summon his lion fursona.

GreenReaper: In South Korea's bile farms, bears subsist on Krispy Kreme leftovers; even the farmers appear ambivalent about whether their trade continues.

dronon: Irish folklore animated film Wolfwalkers expected to be released on Apple TV+. (No new trailer yet; try the 2017 concept animation.)

BlindWolf8: Time to laugh! 16 hilarious photos of pet antics from the Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

2cross2affliction: Breaking News: Paw Patrol still not cancelled.

GreenReaper: Not to rag on South Korea; but while the debate over dog meat rages on, there seems to be agreement on the need for improved hygiene in the industry.

GreenReaper: Border collies with backpacks disperse seeds in Chilean forests devastated by wildfires, the effects of which have been compounded by drought and logging.

GreenReaper: Museums, universities and zoos join forces in an attempt to save the South American scrotum-frog, which can dive to 100m, but finds itself at risk from human exploitation and pollution.

GreenReaper: Smaller brains, shorter snouts: how foxes are adapting to live amongst us.


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Yeah, uh, we misgendered Redwulf in the original Newsbyte; maybe we can fix that here?

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Fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

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I should get better at looking that up or using 'their' instead if defaulting/uncertain.

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