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A transcription perscription for Furry video content

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Did you know that while Flayrah provides furry news to the fandom on a volunteer basis, that anyone can submit an article to be looked over and edited? There is more information on what we look to publish on the site here.

However, one may feel it intimidating to share their works with an editor review board, or with the fandom in general, especially given how free range the comment section can get. Or perhaps you don’t have anything you feel you can contribute on a regular basis to assist your fandom.

There may be one solution to this age old problem of not knowing what kind of content to provide, and that is in the transcribing of furry non-fiction videos on YouTube for readers to consume here on Flayrah. I have started doing this for the monthly show “Digging Up Positivity”, which you can see here as an example.

In providing this service, we help the fandom in multiple ways:

  1. For those that are hearing impaired, YouTube has moved to eliminate their community closed captioning feature. Therefore, doing this provides a service for those furries that are impacted by a lack of hearing.
  2. For those that prefer reading to watching content, they would be able to consume and search the information quicker than going through a full video.
  3. Should the worst case scenario occur where YouTube starts removing videos for whatever reason, having a written copy in our own site will make sure the information is retained.

Writing transcriptions will give you an idea on how good content is developed and flows in video form, which may be useful in coming up with ideas for your own original guide or informational articles. It’s a good way to get your feet wet with Flayrah’s tools as well and how we format articles. Given the type of content we publish here on Flayrah, one should be discerning on the type of content to transcribe.

Videos that discuss news events in the fandom or give guidance to furs trying to get good information on how to take action in their community and participate with less headache would be ideal. A good example of this being infomation shows such as Pocari Roo’s series “The Bottle”. For the content provider in question it also can be seen as another avenue to get some viewers.

So if during these times where many of us are shuttered or lacking in activities, transcription may be the perfect prescription to relieve your boredom and keep your spirits up.


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