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Max Headroom Returns To TV

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The groundbreaking 1987 TV series "Max Headroom" will be returning to television starting this week. TechTV will be broadcasting the 14 episodes of the show at 6 PM EDT on Fridays, with additional showtimes throughout the week. Check out TechTV's web page for more information and background on the series.


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{blink} Now I'm anonymous? Weird. I think Opera's having cookie issues again...

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Being an intelligent and sophisticated series, it was, of course, cancelled after one season.

Some things never change.

This is good news, since (I think) Bravo stopped showing it. It would be great news if it didn't show how far down the barrel TechTV has to scrape for cheap TV. Meanwhile, "Big Thinkers" turned into one of the best shows on tv after they dropped the talk show format.

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My cable company doesn't carry TechTV, or at least they don't carry it in my area. I'd be really happy to see this released on DVD, along with some of the other 80s classics (Knight Rider, Airwolf...).

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I was gonna upgrade from Basic to Digital cable, and buy the expanded package just so I could get Tech TV and watch Max, recording all the eps.

Guess what they did? They EDITED THE EPISODES so they could fit more commercials in! They left their little doodlebug logo (opaque, not clear) on the screen, as if we didn't know just who we were watching. And they would squeeze the content of the program so they could show "alerts" of upcoming programs.

Do they not realize the irony of cutting Max Headroom to show more commercials? In the pilot episode "Blipverts" of ALL episodes? Don't they know their audience? Apparently not.

Here's to waiting on a DVD boxed set.


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Well, you can't obtain Max Headroom on DVD (yet) but it seems that you can obtain other 80s favorites from "across the pond." If you venture over to and do some digging you can find things on DVD there like Knight Rider, Blue Thunder and more. The only problem is it is Region 2 encoded, so you'll have to tinker with your DVD player to make it handle the region and PAL/NTSC changes. Of course, with most of the middle-to-high-end DVD players these days, that's practically built in....

"We use them for divine retribution."

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