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Monkey Mascot Elected Mayor!

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A macsot for the local football (rugby) team was elected mayor in the town of Hartelpool, UK. His pre-election platform was "free bananas for schoolchildren". The full story is here.

Score one for the fursuiters!

Story also submitted by Teko


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Reminds me of the small mining town of Guffey, Colorado, with a population of about 30, which chose a cat as its mayor. He has since been replaced by another cat, and subsequently by a dog named Shanda.

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Politics... I always said it was "Monkey Business" and "going to the dogs," and now... we have proof!

Next election, Vote Furry*!

*This political announcement paid for by the Furries for Ethical Government Political Party, Suite 453 of your local Furry Convention.

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There's a related story on the BBC Sports section dealing with the recent rise of Mascots. Make sure you get the WHOLE URL in your browser (it starts with "http:" and ends with .stm).


- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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