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Digging up Positivity - Furry charity and good news - June 2021

Edited by Sonious
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Welcome to the June edition of Digging Up Positivity! This month we cover some animation, of course charities, and our featurette is a Paco Panda from Mexico. This episode you will have a chance to win a lovely hard cover comic book by him.

How? I will explain near the end of the video together with the lucky winner the Fandom bluRay of the last episode.

Good Furry Award

This years Good Furry Award has published their result, and our guest for this show is a honourable mention! However, the big winner is Cassidy Civet! A lot of people know her for her appearance in the Eurovision Song Celebration video in 2020.

But she is much more than that! Besides a fantastic musician she makes various videos about the furry fandom, sharing her insights and being a force for good. My congratulations with this well deserved award!


Speaking of good furries, last month we had Confuzzled raising £4,320 for Secret World Wildlife Rescue. For our American friends, that is $6,101.39. They will be with us again next year on the 27th of May till the 31st in their
traditional form.


One of the bigger virtual events last month was Furality. Many critters rocked out in what can only be described as an amazing virtual convention.

But besides a good time, they also managed to raise $14,649 dollars for SaveAFox, proving that virtual conventions can pull their weight on the charitable grounds as well!


Every Friday, a lot of furries post fun pictures of their suit on twitter and other platforms. But on twitter, last month the hashtag began trending! And not just in The Netherlands. It was a lot of fun to see, and a welcome change to the usual range of topics on twitter which are usually, well, very ... Twitter.

Adam Savage: Fursuit Builder

Adam Savage, known by most from the show Mythbusters, made a bear costume to walk around on Comic con about 5 years ago. But he decided on rebuild the bears’ head. In the end it really reminds me of the Bear In the Big Blue House, which is not a bad thing! Plus when dancing it looks really awesome! Not that menacing though, don’t you think?

Special activities in suit

While Adam loves to dance, some do more things in their fursuit. Some swim like Fynn, but do beware that the pool can get full of fluff! Others do rock climbing, like Frisky the hyena here! Or even skydiving like Keenora from Germany!

I myself have bungee jumped in suit. Which was an experience, especially with my fear of heights. Got to face my fears! *nervous laughter*

Sea eagles spotted at Loch Lomond

In Scotland, sea eagles have been spotted around Loch Lomond. One might say they have been spotted there before, but that was over a century ago! They are also known as white-tailed eagles, and a pair was spotted while they were search for a new nest.

Paul Robers, the NaturScot’s operation manager, said that this is the latest chapter in the continuing success story of sea eagle conservation.

Gray wolf pups sighted in Colorado

And in Colorado wolf pups have been spotted! Local officials started to track the wolf couple ‘John’ and ‘Jane’ and much to their delight, they spotted them with 3 wolf pups in Jackson County, about 150 miles northwest of Denver.

This has been the first sighting of pups there since the 1940s.

Cat Burglar

While we found those critters, sometimes the critters find us! In Beaverton, USA, one cat often brings things home from the ‘hunt’. Like gloves, masks, purses, up to a point that her servant (cats do not have owners) put up a sign where people could get their stolen goods back.

It did not take long before people started to make pictures, and her cat became known all over the world. While some say she shamed the cat, as a former cat owner, I don’t think they will care much about that. After all, they are cats.

To VRchat with Laru

Despite many conventions slowly gearing back to regular conventions, virtual spaces are here to stay. But how to upload new models to VRchat? How does Unity even work? Laru the meerkat tried his best to explain the complex matter on how to properly do this!

The link of course is in the description below, or in the corner.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack

One of the more popular zoo simulators out there; Planet Zoo has released their Africa pack, containing of course, us meerkats! I am quite curious to see how this all works out. They sure do look lovely but I don’t think I will play the game much, I will just stare at the screen, zooming in on those little diggers.


When Beastars got introduced to many of us in the West through Netflix, it took our community by storm. Many were hooked and eager to see what would happen next on Cherryton Academy. But then it became quiet. However recently it was announced that season 2 will hit Netflix on July 15th. I am every so excited!


Piti Yindee released an amazing animation, about two critters trying to dig up tasty juicy bones. It's homage to classic animation and the music just glued me to the screen all the way to the punchline in the end!

Blacksad returns

One of the better comics featuring anthros in my opinion is Blacksad. Besides the engaging storylines, every panel truly is a work of art. And I am glad to say that they announced a new story! Not much is known yet, but John Blacksad will return on November 1st.


[Interview with Paco Panda]

Art & Biro

Paco Panda has been so kind to provide a book from his successful Kickstarter campaign. It is a comic about friendship and brotherhood. All the comics are wonderfully drawn and available in hardcover.

If you want one? Respond in the comments that you’d like one, and in the next episode I will pick one from the comments.


Last month several critters in my comment section told me they would like a BluRay of The Fandom.

I picked a random nose out of them, and Nathan Bullock is the lucky one! Please do use the contact form in the description so we can take it from there.

Thank you very much for stay around till the very end! I could not have done it without you all, and a special thanks goes out for my channel sponsors, both on Patreon and Subscribestar: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

We will return on the 21st, thank you all so much, and of course, all the hugs!

Especially to all meerkats, because next week it is world meerkat day! WHOOOHOOO!


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