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Man says he killed greyhounds for $10 each

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2000+ dead.

State officials obtained a search warrant Tuesday to search the 18 acres owned by Robert Rhodes after receiving a tip from Florida investigators. Satellite images showed animal bones strewn about the property and investigators used the photographs to convince a judge to issue the warrant.


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I wouldn't be too quick to pass judgment on this man. If the animals weren't treated inhumanely either while they were alive in his custody or in the manner in which they were killed, then he may be more a scapegoat than a criminal. There may also be health issues with the disposal of the dead bodies. In the best possible scenario (and that certainly remains to be determined) he may not be doing anything worse than a typical animal shelter that has to dispose of unwanted dogs and cats.

I think the greater issue here was whether these greyhounds had to be killed at all, and for that we should be looking to the parties in greyhound racing who evidently hired this guy to kill their unwanted greyhounds.


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The article itself notes that a vet was examining the remains, and in four corpses, saw that only one had been shot in the head, the rest having sustained wounds to the neck or other areas. Of course, this is only a 1 out of 4, but even that shows at least some of the animals were left in a suffering state.

The manner killed does not seem to be as humane as claimed.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Ever go deer hunting? Know where to shoot a deer? In the neck or "Vital Area." Go for a headshot, and you run the risk of merely wounding the animal (say, blowing its lower jaw or nose off) and it runs off, and starves to death, painfully.

I doubt those greyhounds suffered much or for long if they were shot in the neck or vital area. Shock almost certainly took them the moment they where hit, and massive blood loss would render them unconcious.

They tasked a *sattelite* to look at this guys property?!?!?!


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They aren't deer, they're dogs, and you're not shooting them from 70 yards with a rifle, you're at point blank range.


Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Allow me to tell a true story. I saw this with my own eyes.

My two sisters and I had adopted a stray dog. We called him "Friend." One Friday, a few days after we'd first met him, Friend growled at my dad. At this time, Dad was a real bastard... or maybe he thought the strange dog we'd befriended was a threat to us. (Maybe the latter, for everytime he saw a rattlesnake, he'd make sure he killed it, so there'd be one less to menace us. We lived in the country, you see).

So, Dad shot him in the head. Blew half his head off, wrapped him up in an old towel, and drove a couple of miles to the open dumpsite in the woods that everybody used. That's where he was laid to rest.

That was on Friday.

Sunday, we come back from church, and THERE WAS FRIEND! Right there on the front steps. He had found his way home... with half a head.

Mom wouldn't let us out of the car. Dad walked up to look at Friend... and friend thumped his tail, and wagged it at Dad.

Now, my Dad wasn't (and isn't) a cruel person. While he had attempted to kill Friend for whatever reason (he still evades the question to this day), he didn't mean for anything like THIS to happen.

So, Dad shot him again. Several times. Immediately. My big sister got the job of cleaning all the blood off of the sidewalk and the bed of Dad's truck.

The moral? I had a very scary childhood... and living creatures can be surprisingly resiliant. From a purely mechanical point of view, killing any robust animal is tougher than it looks, and despite our best intentions, it's not always a painless death. I'll have to hear more before I'm willing to accuse the greyhound guy of willfully toruring the dogs he was tasked with killing.


(who respects Melskunk very much, and hopes she doesn't think he's being argumentative)

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Well my opinion might not matter much, but fur what it's worth, I'd say it's as bad as the cat torture case that was on here a week or two back, completely stupid and rather inhumane. If the tracks wanted to get rid of the dogs, why didn't they give them to shelters or have them euthanized? Plenty of people would want a greyhound, they're good dogs, at least, from my experience.

I'd call to press charges for animal cruelty at the least.


Tlaren }:=8}

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