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FurEcard Launches

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From Kurst on "...FurEcard is a free web site that specializing in providing tools for
furry artists to build their own customizable free email card site! In
minutes an artist can have his or her own branded web site..."
The site also incorporates a picture gallery site featuring "...html templates and a thumbnail engine..." Looks promising. Anyone put it to use?



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A website to allow artists to build sites that allow users to send e-cards... I don't know, this sounds a little too specialized. Part of the problem I see is that not many artists have pieces that would work well as cards ready and waiting for this sort of service. Will artists really go through the work to create suitable pieces just so they can use this service? Granted, it would be a good way to get their name out and show off their work, but will the ends justify the means?

It'll be interesting to see how things work out.


"We use them for divine retribution."

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One question comes to mind after reading the full announcement. Why would I want to send somebody an adult Furry e-card? I know few enough people who would understand a Furry E-card, let alone an adult one. O_o

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Wow - just found this site.

Well the reason WHY is if they know someone close and want to show them a picture or have something in that picture what THEY want to do later or something as a joke ;)

But hey I'm not here to censor.


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