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Galactica: Hammer's Horror?

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A reliable insider at the SciFi Channel's bulletin board has given some information on the announced "Battlestar Galactica" remake. According to him, the Channel's President Bonnie Hammer is not giving producers Ron Moore and David Eick much latitude with the story. She wants a show with more sex, focused on teen characters, and their love problems.This was posted on the SciFi Channel’s bulletin board by a reliable insider:

CaptTripps wrote:
“For the Moore supporters”

I do NOT blame the people here who support Moore.He is a talented writer and he has done wonders for STAR TREK.
However keep this in mind! This is not his project and he is not in his usual mental state of mind. This is a quick paycheck for him. He is bitter because he got his ass kicked by SMALLVILLE and he going through a tuff transition. He no longer has the balls of steel that he used to have because of the failure of Roswell. This is not the same man who used to fight with the studio execs. He is taking orders from Bonnie Hammer who is pretty much setting the tone this new GALACTICA.
The first few acts of this production will ring familiar with the original fans but after the holocausts it will run like pure crap.
Besides The recasted Adama and Baltar who will mostly be taking a back seat role in this new version. A late teen early 20s will dominate the cast.
There will be some computer-animated space battles thrown in the mix but Bonnie Hammer wants lots of sex and romance in this new version. For those fans that want to watch with their children I want to advise you to educate your kids on sex now so they will have a better understanding of the character’s situation and story.
Its going to be interesting to watch our heroes go out in battle together in the very few space battles that will be seen and see the bitterness the warriors will have amongst themselves and disloyalties because of certain love triangles that will dominate the story.

How can anyone route for these people when their priorities are more about getting laid or getting back at so and so for fucking his girlfriend. Hello! I thought this was supposed to be about the survival of mankind.
Mark my words when I say these new characters are going to be as shallow as the characters from MELROSE PLACE.
Another main focus will be the romance between Skyler and the new version of Jane Seymore's character who will not die early in the series and has a daughter name Troi. That’s right folks Boxey is getting a sex change and will not have his faithful mechanical monkey to follow him a round.

The on going series is pretty much the same concept that Bonnie Hammer had before the Singer and Desanto took over.

This will not be Ronald D Moore's vision. This is Bonnie Hammer's vision. Moore will write the best story he can but within Hammer's boundaries. She is doing a great job in convincing Barry Diller at this time that this is the way to go with GALACTICA.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

CAPT. TRIPPS turned out to be a phoney on the sci-fi forum. Most of his "NEWS" turns out to be the rumors started by old time fans trying to ruin the new mini-series.

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